2. April 2011

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Another weekend. Most of today will be devoted to watching the final of the World Series Cricket between India and Sri Lanka. (Thank goodness, I hear some of my readers say. Seven weeks, I agree, is a long time for such a series. However, be warned the cricket season starts at Lord’s with the first test against Sri Lanka r on 3 June). What about today’s match? India always started as favourites in my mind. and so it proved. Despite a valiant effort by Sri Lanka, India had a comfortable win. Despite the match being held in Mumbai . I was not aware that the Sri Lankans went on the rampage after the match as a result of losing it has undoubtedly would have happened in this country with opposing supporters even from the same city.

. I suppose one of the most encouraging aspect of this particular series for me, was the semi-final between India and Pakistan and seeing the presidents of those two countries sitting side-by-side in the VIP box. Then watching the two teams going down the line and shaking hands with their opposition. All of this. after many years of hateful accusations thrown backwards and forwards across the border between the two countries. It’s wonderful to think that something like the game of cricket may be the plaster their bridges the years of hatred between these two countries.

The situation in Libya becomes even more convoluted. The Foreign Minister-a long-term friend of Gaddafi’s- has defected and not sought political asylum.

As such he is therefore being deeply ‘debriefed’ by the intelligence service, particularly over the Lockerbie bombing. It seems that he may not be immune from some sort of ‘crimes against humanity’ trial. At the same time, we are told that an envoy from one of Gaddafi son’s has visited London and been involved in secret talks with the British government but no details have been released. The implication is, however, either the Gaddafi is seeking a ceasefire-which would considerably strengthen his own position-or he may be looking for some sort of dignified exit strategy. In the meantime the battle between government troops and the anti-Gaddafi mob goes on with the mob being outgunned 10 – 1, so the odds are stacked against them.

Whenever they make ground they seem to lose it again quite quickly and there seems to be a reluctance, at least from the Western world, to provide these rebels with weapons or armoury. Maybe somebody like Qatar will step into attempt to equalise the firepower.

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