10 April 2011

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A quiet day after the frenetic activity with the family yesterday .Dear daughter Chlo’, who had stayed the night, gave me some help with some boring paperwork this morning before we adjourned to the garden on yet another exquisite early summer’s day, to enjoy a pre- lunch small cigar and glass of wine..

We really should have gone to the village hall this afternoon for the Neighbourhood Watch party which is very generously hosted by our neighbours. The Barrows -an amazing, almost octogenarian, husband-and-wife team,, who motorbike their way to far-flung parts of the world – who do a splendid job in organising, not only the party, but also the whole business of all of us keeping an eye on each other’s properties. However, when it came to it, having been in my wheelchair in the garden for two or three hours I couldn’t face having to talk for another hour or so with our good neighbours. I felt a little tired perhaps after yesterday. I’m sure they will understand.

With ‘my lovely’ and Chloe having struggled to get me out of the wheelchair onto my frame and back into the study, Chlo’ headed off back home to see what sort of job Karl was making of managing their small family. In the evening we watched the first nine holes of the final round of The Masters (Golf Tournament), in Augusta, USA. Our young man, 21-year-old, Rory McLroy, from Northern Ireland, led for the first three days and started with a four shot advantage which, sadly, was quickly whittled away then his hopes faded when he crashed out on the tenth with the treble bogey and a nightmare for puts on the 12th.. At that stage I went to bed and tried to listen to it on the radio but fell asleep very quickly only to wake up later to hear that the South African, Charl Schwartzel had won.. In any event, from my point of view it was a perfect weekend. Never mind, Rory I have no doubt your day will come.

Some readers might wonder how people, who kindly come to visit me, feel about seeing their name in print the following day. Well, if they are strangers or friends of friends, I don’t know that well. I usually publish and then immediately inform them to look at it on the blog and if there is anything I have said which is inaccurate or offends, I can quickly go back and edit it. So far there have been no problems and most of the people I have mentioned to- date seemed to be quite happy about what I said about them.


  • Steve Thomas says:

    Dear Dr Cato
    I have just come across your blog and hopefully this is the best way to contact you. I like your attitude to adversity. Nil desperandum indeed. I was diagnosed with MND early this year, after presenting with fasciculations and weakness in my hands, like yourself. You can see my profile on PLM where I post as sacerdoteuk. I independently came up with the idea of a bionic glove to help my grip, and as I am a computer programmer, myself and a friend are attempting to create one. I would be fascinated to know how you are getting along with your own bionic glove, and to possibly pick your brains as to who might be useful to contact in this endeavour.

    Do get in touch either via my email or on PLM. Many thanks.

  • DMC says:

    Dear Steve
    good to hear from you you’re just as per the blog is aimed at. I think the best thing for us to do is to have a Skype call. My Skype address is professordmarkcato or you can usually get it using my e-mail address. The best time for me is usually mid-morning or mid-afternoon, although today I’m off to the golf club for my weekly lunch. I look forward to hearing from you.

    best wishes.

    So far as a bionic gloves are concerned I suggest you read the blog from six February 2009 before we speak and then our conversation will be more meaningful.

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