12 April 2011

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Another geriatric golf day. I must admit with the temperature having dropped from yesterday’s 21/22°C to 14°C I had my reservations about going at all. However, Griggsy, who was going to be away in Norfolk, kindly made arrangements for Karl (Creasy) to drive me around in the baggy, so not wishing let him down. I decided to take the chance. In fact, although slightly overcast there were sunny spells but the wind was arctic. I was clad in great-grans green cloak-purchased at the Welsh woollen Mills, donkeys years ago- and although I looked like, what the boys described as Sherlock Holmes , I kept warm enough.

As usual, it was great fun jibing the boys about their golf who all took it in the best spirit. Unfortunately, Scott, our strong secretary, was away on holiday – in Tunisia, of all places- but between Barry and the boys. they managed to bundle me unceremoniously in and out of ‘ the wheelchair without too many groans or knocks. A nice lunch, fed mainly by Bob (Lederman) and then almost immediately back in the car home with Barry. A worthwhile and enjoyable trip.

Great news. Nephew Tom (and Leticia) are having their fourth child. That will make 10 grandchildren’s for”Alice’s sister Victoria.. Lucky thing.

Ater all that crickethere is something for the football fans.

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