13 April 2011

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Our lovely physiotherapist, Mel, came this morning and fitted me with ankle supports which lifts the toe from the ground so that when one is walking instead of dragging one’s feet. the whole process of walking is much easier. For example, we tried them out while she was here and I was able to walk up the ramp from the bedroom to the bathroom far more easily than I have done in the past.I thoroughly recommend these supports, which I believe any NHS would provide, as they are not very expensive. Mel told us that she has provided them for stroke victims or patients with MS, Parkinson’s, MND, or indeed anyone with a condition with results in weak legs.

Jane’s the sheep’ came this afternoon-no bassoon but she promises me that I will be able to see how playing in the bassoon band on U tube. If not, I shall keep her to my request for a private concert. We are quite excited because, next Sunday, Jane is going to bring some of her rare sheep to graze our paddock – now that dear Mouse, the donkey, has departed this life.. It will be lovely to see some living animals in the paddock again – which I can see through a window by the side of my study chair – as it has not been that empty for many years. I just hope the sheep aren’t so noisy that they disturb our neighbours with their bleating. Mind you, it might be just retribution for’ Violet Elizabeth‘, who lives at our boundary and must of been sick almost every time she emerged into the garden!! (Readers of Richmol Compten’s Just
William will recall that his little friend, Viole Elizabeth threatened to ‘sweam and sweam until I’m thick if she were not allowed 0 to join his gang‘) Actually, to be fair, we get on very well all my present neighbours who are very nice but we did have one,. a few years back, who complained bitterly that leaves from our trees blocked her eaves gutter.. I think I suggested that she might feel happier if you lived in town! She left shortly after!!

Now for a bit of fun. If you think you can drive watch this guy.


If you have a 6 1/2 minutes to spare, this is incredible!





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