14 April 2011

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A pretty miserable night. Awoke as usual around 2.30 p.m. with a painful hip and aching back and found it difficult to relieve it by turning over. The problem was I’d been cold for a few nights and decided I would try wearing my old track suit bottoms to keep my legs warm but these only made it more difficult to move around so we will abandon the idea. We had a word with our OT, Lynne, who is going to look into the idea of a cage that goes over my legs. You know the sort of thing you see in a films when someone has had a bad accident and they want to keep the bed clothes away from the injured limb. I am hoping that being relieved of the weight of the bed clothes , in combination with the rubber mat that I have had pinned to the bottom sheet, I might be able to get my feet under this, gain some purchase and turn over that way.

Anyway, I’m very impressed that following my letter to Dr Lord, my GP, we received a call from palliative care yesterday and a Dr Saunders will pay a home visit on Monday. A pretty amazing response. What I feared most. when I agreed to this course of action, was that they would want to whip me into hospital and leave me languishing in bed for a few days while they did various tests and I am absolutely against that , so we’ll see what happens on Monday.

I had a Skype call this morning from a fellow MND sufferer who’ve been reading my blog and was interested in my bionic gloves. For the moment I will not disclose his name as I do not have his permission to do so, but suffice it to say that he has had some medical training and is a computer geek (he has a different name for it but I can’t remember what that is,a cyber something or other.). He is quite excited (interested!) in my bionic gloves and has ideas of his own. I think we have agreed that we will work together on the idea and I really look forward to hearing from him again shortly.

The big excitement today was that the two nice lady dentists, from the Community Dental Service, came to do a routine maintenance on my teeth. Ironically, this is a very day that the dentist, but my complained (see earlier entries ) is in front of the Investigating Committee of the Dental Council, who presumably will decide whether or not there is a case to answer and then if so, set up a Disciplinary Hearing.

Early afternoon, a friend of ‘my lovely’ ,Die (yes, that really is the way she spells her name and insists on the”e’), came for coffee and popped in for a short to chat with me. We have learned I am now husband for well over 30 years and so it was fun to talk about old friends and the good times we had together when we were younger. I remember going to a wedding and one of their children,, 15 or so years where they arrange the tables by the country of origin of the guests. Ago There were 30 of us, randomly chosen, at the table, or still married to original partner and we had over 1000 years of marriage between us. I believe I’m right in saying that there was only one couple who were on their second marriage. I think one would be hard put to find 13 couples randomly and put them together on the same table today.

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