15 April 2011

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Die, (sic) who came to coffee yesterday, very kindly bought me a fresh pineapple a most unusual, but very welcome gift..In some cultures the notion of a pineapple has been associated with welcome an association bespoke of the carving of high-level motifs on woodwork, and indeed as stone ornaments on the gateway to grand houses. Personally, I love eating fresh pineapple with a really good brie.

I have vivid memories of the first fresh pineapple I ever tasted. It was in the British club in Singapore in 1955. I was on the way to Australia by air and was taking a stop over -I think in any event, it took the best part of three days to get there at that time. Wartime rationing had not been abolished until 1952, and such things as pineapples in the mid-50s was still great luxuries. When I found myself sitting by the pool in the British club. I noticed that they were serving pineapple to other guests, so I enquired how much they were and discovered to my delight that I could have a whole pineapple for the equivalent of 50 p. I can almost taste that delicious flesh today as I consume the entire fruit.

Around four o’clock yesterday afternoon there arrived a long document from the dentist’s solicitor,, about whom I had complained, commenting on my statement which I understood was to be presented to the Investigating Committee of the Dental Council that very afternoon. Of course, I objected as I had not seen this reply before and, after discussing it with the caseworker at the Dental Council, was was informed that it was most unlikely that the case would be heard that afternoon, in any event. I suggested that if further submissions were going to be allowed, they should be formally invited by direction and a date and time specified, after which no further documentation would be allowed. This whole business seizure got totally out of hand and, to my mind, has been badly handled. There should have been clear directions to both parties at the commencement of the enquiry, following this complaint, as to what, to whom it obviously and when submissions would be allowed.

I heard, on the radio this morning that there will be a programme broadcast later this summer which will give tacit support to the idea of assisted suicide, where an MND sufferer is shown killing himself at Dignitas in Switzerland. No doubt we will hear more about this shortly.

Today two of our ‘old faithfuls’, Jill and Alan Simpson, came to lunch adopting the policy we have recently introduced. When friends are kind enough to invite us to lunch, because this is quite a performance from our end, we suggest that they bring their food here and eat it with us in my study. This is one way in which’ my lovely’ get break. On this occasion they bought some delicious eats and Alan, being a bit of a wine buff, generously bought me a bottle of Prosecco. He’s been trying for years to persuade me to drink sparkling wines as opposed to champagne. Anyway, next time they come to lunch, perhaps on a warm summer’s day, we will crack open this bottle and see how good it really is.






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