16 April 2011

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Bad news on the radio first thing this morning with a discussion about substantial cutbacks in social care. We have not yet even had approval for continuing care from the NHS so I hope that does not affect us. We are getting to the point when we really will need some help sooner rather than later.

    The situation in the Middle East, particularly in Libya, seems to have reached something of a stalemate. Although there are a number of major and allied planes flying around the’ no-fly’ zone daily, zapping at the odd tank or military establishment of Qaddafi’s, the rebels seemed to be no closer to advancing on Tripoli and toppling the president. Yesterday there was a joint statement in the Times, the New York Times and Figuro, from the president of the US, David Cameron and the Pres of France, all pledging to continue operations until Qaddafi was removed. Having made that pledge, do they really know who will govern the country once he has gone? The problem is that a number of other Middle East countries seem to have got the bit between their teeth with rebel forces challenging the long-term dictatorships which have govern them for some decades. In most of the other countries these rebels are being swiftly and mercilessly dealt with. This being so, how would do we distinguish between Qaddafi’s answer to the rebels by mowing them down at every opportunity and similar situations which are occuring in the other Middle East countries?. We simply cannot afford to get involved. But then morally, how can we not?

I heard yesterday about a diaphragm peacemaker, which previously I did not know existed. Having researched the web. I note that this is being done in the US by implanting a peacemaker about the size of a wristwatch, into the diaphragm, which allows the patient to breathe independent of a ventilator. It was the use on Christopher Reeve, the actor who    played Superman and broke his back,. So I intend investigating the possibility of having such an implant. As I am getting very breathless during the day and as soon as I have to start wearing a respirator or ventilator. it’s going to affect my speech and ability to dictate to the laptop, which in my case, would be disastrous

I can now disclose that the other MND sufferer I mentioned a couple of days ago (the computer geek) is a delightful chap called Steve Thomas, who is only in the early stages of MND. He’s got some great ideas about possible. useful gadgets and I’m sure, as a soul mate,. we will produce something of world shattering benefit to other sufferers, in due course. The first thing he and his ‘hands-on’ (pun not intended on) friend, are going to look at are my bionic gloves. So watch this space


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