20 April 2011

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Wednesday again and ‘Jane the sheep’s ‘ regular visit. Fortunately her own sheep in our paddock are behaving themselves and enjoying their new surroundings. No bleating so no retribution on Violet Elizabeth!

The saga of the wayward dentist continues. The Investigating Committee of the Dental Council, did, apparently, start looking at the paperwork on this case but adjourned it for another day when they decided that they had insufficient time to do it justice. In the meantime I await with anticipation receiving a clear direction from the Dental Council caseworker inviting final comments on comments after which a line will be drawn. Jane and I spent some time preparing a draft reply to the dentists solicitors latest comments. Will this ever end? After all it’s a simple enough matter the dentist claims to have the scale my teeth when in fact he did nothing of the sort. No more or less than that.

In view of the fact that I was told that the Investigating Committee was unlikely to look at the case last week and then, in the event, did start the process. I’m taking no chances and sending my response to the dentist’s solicitors letter now, just in case we find the Committee had sat again and not considered my comments.

I am continuing this battle, as I’ve said on a number of occasions, not for myself but for all of those other elderly, and possibly disabled, people, of whom it is only too easy to take advantage and who might be less articulate and stubborn than I am and not be able to fight their corner.

I have finally given up on my AbilityNet trainer. He is a lovely man but, consistently fails to do what I have requested and provided with a simple checklist enabling me to add media to this blog solely by voice. He serves up the information in various forms none of which satisfy my request. I’m sorry to have lost that I’ve now put the matter back in the hands of AbilityNet .

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