21 April 2011

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My third session of chess with Kit. This time I decided that we would turn it into a lesson as he is a far more experienced player than I am.. I decided that I would play normally and when I made a bad move ask Kit to point out to me why it was a bad move and what he would have done in the same position., In that manner I hope to improve my game and be able to give him a better run for his money in future. It was such a lovely day we took the chess set out into the garden and sat at the garden table. This had the added advantage of allowing me to smokers more cigar.

Kit opened with the classical Sicilian Defence (bringing out his knights, rather than the traditional move of King pawn to Kp4). Although I played my own game, as we were going to treat this as a lesson I did discuss aloud various alternatives and their made up my own mind with Kit tossing in the odd bit of advice now and then. . After a couple of hours we had both lost all our major pieces, the only difference being that Kit had one more pawn than I did but was decent enough to offer a draw, although I suspect with that one pawn advantage he would have been able to win in the end. A good and enjoyable game from which I emerged slightly better chess player.

You can scarcely can on the radio these days without hearing about the economic mess that not only we are in and indeed Europe and America and Japan. That being so, for a bit of fun, I thought I would include the following interview with a man who has fairly strong views about the mess that the Irish got themselves into..

I must apologise for the rather colourful language that this gentleman uses to express his views although if you can ignore that side of the interview I think most would probably agree with the sentiments. Simply press CTRL +CLICK (left-hand mouse button) to hear this interview.

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