26 April 2011

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Being Tuesday, I was meant to go to the Worlington geriatric golf morning and lunch with my golfing mates. However, when I wake up, ‘ my lovely’ told me that there was a very chilly wind and add this to the fact that the temperature is 10° colder today than it was over the last three days, we decided it was sensible if I did not risk it, so sadly, I cancelled today’s outing

I received a very interesting e-mail this morning from my friends, in the USA, Bob Foraker. With an array of photographs of our Queen with 12 different US president – Obama; George W Bush; Clinton; George Bush (senior); Reagan; Carter; Ford; Nixon; Johnson; Kennedy Eisenhower; Harry Truman. Wow, some record. As my friend says if you remember all of these your no spring chicken either!

The good doctor arrived late afternoon in time for us to crack our usual bottle of champagne and for me as a special treat, to to smoke a small cigar. Fortunately the wind had died down a little and with a weak son it was possible for us to sit outside with me muffled up in great gran’s cloak .

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