5 August 2011

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Mick was absolutely wonderful during the night, he came down a couple of times and turned me over, so it was very much like’ business as usual’.

It was a beautiful summer’s day so at lunchtime we wandered down to The Cricketers (me in the wheelchair) sat at our usual outside table and enjoyed a drink before lunch. We were in no hurry and so we lingered over our food and I christened my new smoking stick stand. When we returned to the house we decided it was far too nice to go inside so we sat in the garden, me with my shirt off absorbing some of that wonderful sunshine and Mick in the shade reading. In fact, the hours slipped by and and before we knew where we were it was time to crack our evening bottle of champagne. Having scarcely filled our glasses the evening carer arrived.

On this occasion it was Paula who had to do her tummy rubbing in the garden shortly after that, under a threatening, rain filled cloudy sky, we decided that we had had enough and decided to go in.

When it came to supper, quite honestly, I was still full from lunch and therefore did not eat the food that ‘my lovely’ had left out for me-just a bowl of with our own stewed plums and some yoghurt. We then sat watching some rubbishy programmes on television trying to make up my mind whether to sit up for Alice -she was not expected back before 10 – or let Craig put me to bed as usual, with help from the doctor.

We decided on the latter course and just as I was about to be’ put under’ with the respirator,’ my lovely’ turned up just in time to give me a kiss and tuck me up for the night. So ended a relatively quiet and certainly peaceful day I scarcely like to mention that I started the day, yet again with another long session with Dragon voice activation people. This time I was allocated the senior technician who, like the other technician was very charming and patient which make it all very difficult to get crossed with them. Having said that I have really come to the end of my tether on the problems associated with this latest programme having spent over 10 exhausting hours on the telephone trying to sort it out. The programme which has served me very faithfully over the last 20 years but somehow this last version will not communicate with Word. This senior technician- whose name escapes me for the moment – seems to be taking the matter very seriously and referring it to the people who developed this latest programme who are located in America. If they can’t sort them out, heaven knows what I will do.

The other thing I find distressing is that Dragon has been my lifeline, particularly over the last two years, and I have pressed a number of my friends into purchasing it. If they have anything like the problems I’m having at present, I shall be extremely embarrassed.

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