7 August 2011

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With the good doctor winging his way to Australia,, no doubt sampling the delights of Business Class. (I’m sure he would not mind me telling you that he is very partial to a good whisky) I made my weekly filial call to Shropshire to my mother and Richard to make sure they were both still in the land of the living! They do pretty well considering she is 94 and Richard 92 and run a pretty good house with minimal help. The rather sick joke is that despite their age and my mother’s early onset of dementia (hardly discernible) they are not entitled to continuing care because neither of them is suffering from a terminal illness, although suspect that either could take the journey across the River Stix before I do! Anyway I found them both in reasonably good spirits.

To-day, Chloe and two of my three grandchildren came to lunch, joined by Karl’s mother, Val, and her long serving partner, Larry. Again we were hoping for a garden day but it was windy and chilly so, although I did go out into the garden in my electric wheelchair it was not for long as we were soon driven in our passing shower. What on earth has happened to our summer. I know I’m always going on about our weather but really there has scarcely been one really hot summer’s days since April. Almost up to the time that I contracted MND I would spend day after day working in the garden, behind my wind shield screen-in order not to give offence to neighbours or passers-by – even if I’d been fit this year I doubt whether I would have got this setup out more than two or three times. As a result of the inclement weather we abandoned the idea of lunch in the garden and instead used the nursery which has become easily accessible by wheelchair since ‘ Bill and Ben’ built the ramp,

Val and Larry, with their usual generosity, came laden with presents for, me and ‘my lovely’ It was like Christmas all over again but despite my protestations I’m afraid Val’s generosity will always get the better of her. Lara and Fred Simenon were in very good form. Fred has settled down very well in his new ‘big school’. He has made some good friends and seems very happy there. Lara is also very conscientious little girl and at six as a reading age of only the hard-year-old. Seb was away at some sort of adventure camp, the sort of thing the revels in. The two little ones went back to stay with Val and Larry for a couple of days, so Chloe stayed behind and left after tea -delicious freshly made scones with Peter’s mum’s raspberry jam. She showed us some photographs from their holiday in Corfu with cousin Edwina and co-. It was a lovely house with lots of other cousins at the same time- and they clearly had a great time.

We discussed Christmas, as it is ‘our turn’to have the family. We are selfishly fortunate that Kimberly’s family live in America so we can usually count on them in any case.

Whether they will actually stay with us or at the B&B at the gate, still is to be resolved but at least I can look forward to one more traditional Christmas – although, I shall miss all three of them getting into bed with me in my fourposter and opening the presence left by Father Christmas. Heaven knows whether I will even be here next Christmas, or what state I should be in, although everyone convinced seemed to think that I will live forever!

Received various e-mails from the good doctor plotting his way hme. Firstly from Heathrow to let us know he had arrived safely and was ensconced in the first-class lounge getting stuck into the victuals. Then another one from Singapore. Apparently he managed eight hours sleep – which is not that difficult on a flat bed with a mattress, pyjamas and a duvet. (How the other half live!). To be fair to Mick he is a very good traveller and really does not mind travelling in economy class as he seems to be able to sleep anywhere. If anything I am the sybarite At the stopover he showered and shaved and was contemplating getting stuck into the whisky. No doubt we will receive a final missive when he touches down in Australia. Having said that he will be back here in October and as always will be very welcome.


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