15 August 2011

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I didn’t make an entry yesterday because Dragon has become even more unreliable, not working at all. I have overcome the problem on a temporary basis by dictating into DragonPad and then cutting and pasting the entry into the Blog. So frustrating have I become that I contacted AbilityNet direct rather than going through the technical arm with a view to getting a technician to visit me and see if they can sort out the problem which has now gone on for six or seven weeks,,

I feel particularly embarrassed over this problem as I have been trying to convince many of my friends over the years to try out Dragon, convinced that once they had got used to it they would never revert to any other form. However I can honestly say that this is the first time I have had this nightmare of a problem and would not wish it on my worst enemy The point being that I am almost entirely dependent upon voice activation-doing anything with one splintered finger leaning heavily to one side of the laptop is not much fun.,


Due to having become such a Herculean task I am severely constrained by the content that I can now dictate and as I am virtually totally reliable voice activation I find this situation completely unacceptable. I got onto AbilityNet again this morning to ask when the technician was coming but was not given a definite date.


In the meantime the best that I can do is to give you a little educational amusement.


GREAT GEOGRAPHY & HUMILITY LESSON.It is amazing how often we speak of these countries and don’t really know where they are./

Drag the country’s name onto the map.

There is neither a humbling score nor a time limit; this exercise is a learning tool

Don’t fear making an error.

Once you finish the puzzle, you will be far more educated about this very intense section of our world.

You think you know the countries?


Just press Control and Click on the MAP PLAN below.

Good luck!.


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