20 August 2011

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I have only received one comment on my latest gadget, my smoking stick and drinking stand (see 13th of August entry) as I believe this to be one of my more ingenious ideas I would have hoped to have elicited more response. In the same vein may I urge my readers to spend a little time and read the articles included on the 18th and 19th of August entries. I know they are rather long but they are well worth while the effort, then let me have your reaction to what the journalists said.

As it is that time of year when are Plum tree is groaning under the weight of large quantities of ripening fruit this seems an apposite time to remind those readers who have not seen it already to read the second of the anecdotes, Jamie Oliver, eat your heart out!
Even if you have read it before it is well worthwhile a reread.

I’m keeping a record of the number of times that Dragon or Word does not respond and the processes I have to go through to get them back. I promised the Dragon people I would keep a record for a week but after three days it is crashing so many times that I think I will probably send them the details today and see if they have sufficient to identify the problem.

Readers will realise how constrained I’ve been in not writing in depth about the final test match between England and India. However, we find ourselves on the third day of a severely rain interrupted match but one nevertheless with the exciting prospect of a possibly close finish. Yesterday was the third day and as it rained shortly before tea England decided to declare at 591 for 6. This was down to Pieterson’s 175 and Bell’s 235. With the declaration at teatime it left about 35 overs to bowl and at the end of the day England had India on its knees at 103 for 5. So, a result is still possible. England just has to continue in its current bowling strain and bowl India out twice in the next two days. The likelihood of India surviving to get a draw or is rather remote but with five wins out of five this whitewash certainly establishes England as the top cricket team in the world




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