3 September 2011

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The One-Day International, England Really India at Chester Le Street Durham was disappointingly interrupted by heavy rain but not before England had scored 270.

Then, after India had taken 2 cheap wickets remaining returned with a vengeance and the match had to be abandoned. Probably just as well from England’s point of view as 270 was certainly gettable.

I had every intention of getting out into the garden again this afternoon but there was too much cloud about and chilly wind so in the end I abandoned the idea.

I spoke to my mother and Richard by phone today as I always do once a week. Nan said how the much you would like to see us and I had to reminder that they were coming down here on 15 September. Sadly, she had forgotten so I suppose her Alzheimer’s is beginning to take a hold but fortunately dear Richard seems to be managing okay for the present.

This afternoon we went through the Saga Health Plan documentation ever since I gave up BUPA, almost 3 years ago, Alice has had no cover so we thought we ought to look into various schemes. At the time of giving up BUPA my annual premium was around £6000 and as this did not cover anything in connection with the MND it seemed poised to continue. I did consider some years ago that as it was getting so expensive I would be better off putting the money into a separate bank account earning interest and then hope that they will be sufficient there if I need to pay for any medical expenses. I believe this would have been a really good idea as I was with BUPA for around 40 years and I have already saved £18,000 in the last three. Alice” from saga look extremely good in the light of what I was paying previously I think she can get a perfectly reasonable cover for around £800 per annum, so after clarifying one or two points we will probably go for that one.

Insurance is a funny business. There are clearly some that are worth having and some perhaps where you would be better carrying the risk yourself. Pet insurance is a classic example 14 years of contributions comes to quite a lot of money and unless you are unlucky for unlikely to have claim the other area of insurance and I believe all self-employed people should consider is an Accident and Sickness Policy.

Any Barrister for example is merely a tenant of Chambers and is not covered in the event of an accident or sickness their income could stop literary overnight and there are many other friends and indeed family who are in the same position. As a one-man band, firstly as an independent project manager and subsequently as an arbitrator and lecturer I would not have been covered anywhere in the event of accident or sickness so I took out a policy that will produce sufficient money to cover our day-to-day running expenses without any luxuries. At least it gave me peace of mind and I thoroughly recommend any young person setting up in a one-man business to do the same.

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