6 September 2011

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The unseasonal inclement weather continues and again my Tuesday visit to the golf club was a washout. Not only was there a threat of heavy rain but there was also a very strong chilly wind neither of which would be conducive to driving around the course in my wheelchair, so I cancelled my wheelchair taxi. I must admit that Ollie and Debbie, who run the wheelchair taxi service, are extremely understanding and will accept cancellation as late as 830 on the morning that I would normally leave at 10 o’clock but to be fair to them I try to make a decision the night before/

Ellen, the district nurse, popped in this morning to look at the scratch on the top of my head, which had been caused when my nightshirt and being dragged over it. It was still sleeping four days after it had happened so I asked the doctor at Papworth what he thought. He suggested that I had it looked at and cleaned up, thus Ellen’s visit. The doctor also mentioned that the skin on the crown of my head was not only very thin but also very dry and recommended some special hair sensitive Aqueous cream. The ordinary Aqueous cream, if allowed to come into contact with hair, apparently makes it fall out and heaven knows I have little enough as it is

Absolutely magnificent. This is a collection of aerial photography produced by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Large scale photos cover several continents and are a result of a five year odyssey around the world by the photographer.
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