14 September 2011

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Unbelievably, I have not heard from Nuance, the Dragon people, since Reuben’s video call to the writers of the software for this programme, in America, 2 (or was it 3) weeks ago..*(I got this far before my voice activation programme stop responding, which is typical of the sort the problem I’m having at present. In fact I tried for two hours to boot up Dragon and Word together in order to write my blog and in the end had to give up. (another ‘Not responding’ here.) You can see therefore how absolutely impossible it is for me to get stuck into a proper blog entry with only one splinted finger working. I am sorry to whinge but it is desperately frustrating. For that reason this will be the shortest entry that I have made since this the blog started.

Although ‘Paul the computer’ came this afternoon we concentrated more on the media side of things than voice activation as I’m waiting for Ruben to telephone me with the result of the video-conference..

Bearing in mind the distance away that my mother Richard live I think the following is apposite. Click here for the PowerPoint slides. Wait a moment or two for them to download and then click on the fourth icon from the left in the tray at the bottom of the picture which should say ‘Slideshow’.

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