15 September 2011

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My mother (95) and husband Richard (92) were driven down today from Shropshire to have lunch with us Smiler was able to join us at the last minute as he had an appointment cancelled. Fortunately the weather was just warm and sunny enough for us to have lunch in the garden. (Will this be the last time!?). Smiler was in good form and is a very good conscientious son comes down regularly for brief visits to check up on me and, quite sensibly to make sure that his mother is not overdoing things. We love seeing him and of course Chloe, when she can tear yourself away from her family.

Mother and Richard like all good lunch guests did not out stay their welcome and left at 3.00. I think they are both absolutely amazing as they seemed just as perky when they left as they did when they arrived. In fact, I was the one who was beginning to feel the fade. I have noticed that I do get tired more easily than I used. In fact, in a recent ‘Patients like Me’survey, I noted that most MNC patients claimed that fatigue was one of their main symptoms and at that time I was convinced that this did not apply to me. However, if I was filling in the same survey today I would give a different answer.

Anyway it was lovely to see them all, even for a brief visit. Richard, as an old naval hand has turned himself into a very competent carer as my mother’s Alzheimer’s precludes her from doing very much. He has even taken up cooking with, he assures me, some success. They are wonderful example of two elderly people managing on their own. They get absolutely no help from social services and Richard, being the independent soul that he is, refuses meals on wheels. They are typical of millions of other elderly people in this country managing on their own but they are and should be an inspiration to others. Of course, being so far away, we worry about them particularly with me being ‘hors de combat’. Fortunately we have some very good old friends, the Prirz’s, who lives close by and who very kindly drop in, on a regular basis, to check up on them. In addition, as they were once pillars of the community they are surrounded by friends and people who offer to do things for them. (Which, to the best of my knowledge, Richard has never tested) So we are very fortunate in that respect. Anyway, it was a very successful visit which, depending on the health of all three of us, we will probably repeat in the Spring.

One of our little jokes is that they are responsible for the cut in the Ministry Of Defence’s annual budget. As I have both been drawing pensions from the Ministry for around 35 years according to the actuaries should have popped off long ago. This, is symptomatic of what will happen to the present generation of small children. Most of them can expect to live to 100 and without the retirement age being raised to at least 70, the government will find it extremely difficult to afford their pensions. This is why the unions balloting on all-out strike against the government’s proposal to bring them into line with the private sector, i.e. increase their contribution slightly and the age from (in some instances 55) to 67 like the rest of us. What on earth is the point in striking against the inevitable, as we say in English ‘cutting of one’s nose to spite one’s face’. There is no way that the government can give in and this without leaving a massive problem for the next-generation and I admire them for taking such a bold step which will inevitably cost them votes at the next election.

I know that the English have a reputation for always starting a conversation complaining about the weather but really this year has been immensely disappointing and this after what appeared to be a very long winter last year. My main concern will be getting to the golf club on Tuesday’s, my intention, at present, is to try to go every week when the temperature is at or above 10°C and of course, it is dry. If 10° proves to be too cold I shall have to raise it a little. The problem is, as you will appreciate, as I cannot move my limbs I will feel the cold much more than someone who is playing and walking.

After all that misery and complaining I think the reader deserves some compensation so have included a video of some absolutely beautiful scenic views. Click the highlighted link below.
This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful streaming videos .
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