25 September 2011

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Dear daughter Chloe gave me a hand to sort out the paper copies of the blog which I print off for the family. Sam one of my carers asked me today why I bothered print a hardcopy. Quite simply I want a copy for each of the children and ultimately for their children and children to come and one for’ my lovely’ .so that they have a permanent record of it. It is, in any event, part of my autobiography, in the chapter entitled Let Me Show You My Scars, which, describes, in what I hope is a humorous fashion, all the operations, accidents and illnesses, since I had my tonsils and adenoids remove, at Paddington Hospital, when I was 13 

I suppose my blog will only remain on the world wide web web as long as my blog master, Richard Morris, continues to pay the modest fee every two or three years. Certainly, at some stage it will disappear from people with laptops and when it does at least my family will have a copy of it.

When Craig, another of my carers, came at midday he remarked on the weather saying what a beautiful day it was, at the time the sun certainly shining, so we decided to have lunch outside. By the time I’d been hoisted into my wheelchair and establish myself in the garden a howling wind came up and the sun disappeared. However, stoically, again we staryed out over lunch and then called it a day and abandoned the garden.

Chloe left, after lunch, as she needed to get back to her own family but it was a lovely to see her. I am so proud of her, she has turned into such a lovely girl.

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