26 September 2011

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This was one of those days when Tuesday falls on Monday, if that doesn’t sound too Irish and by saying so I’m not being politically incorrect! Followers of this blog will realise that the geriatric golfers always play on a Tuesday except on a few rare occasions when the Club Secretary has allowed a society to play on the Tuesday then the geriatrics are forced to play on the Monday, which is what happened this week.

Sadly the weather forecast today was not too promising and there was the danger of the odd heavy shower. I have no idea what would happen to my electric wheelchair if I was stuck out on the golf course somewhere and I got soaked I suspect the electrics would blow up and this was not a risk that I was prepared to take, so the long and short of it is I didn’t go.

‘My lovely’ went off to do some errands at lunchtime and as ‘Jane the sheep’ was not entirely over her cold she very thoughtfully roped in Paul to do her stint for her. As it happened this suited me as I’m still getting absolutely nowhere with the Dragon voice activation people. I rang them again this morning to receive the same message as that which I’ve had over the past three weeks’ still no response from America’.

As a result I got consent from the MND Association to engage Paul’s services to strip down my laptop in an attempt to identify the problem. Then, when the Americans do eventually get back to us I’m hoping will be able to them what is the problem

As anything to do with this blog is a real labour of love, due to the current sporadic nature of the voice activation, after wasting a couple of hours on it this morning, I gave up and instead watch the first two instalments of the new television series ,Downton Abbey. From what I’ve seen so far it seems to be superior to the initial series. Set during the First World War it is not dissimilar to one of our favourite programmes years ago, called Upstairs and Downstairs. and has shades of Evelyn Waugh’sBrideshead Revisited.

Here’s a little joke to finish with. Click here.



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