27 September 2011

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In many ways the cancellation of the Tuesday golf was a blessing as the good Dr Michael paid an unexpected visit from Australia to attend the funeral of a very dear friend of his-another surgeon. Had I been going to golf in the normal way and not arrived home until mid-afternoon I would have seen very little of him as he leaves tomorrow morning, attends the funeral and then after the wake, he catches a plane back to Australia. There’s true friendship for you and a measure of the man. I would like to think that if I was entirely well and anything happened to my dear friend Mick, like him I would be prepared to make the journey to the other side of the world to attend his funeral. Despite the depth of our very long friendship I wonder whether I would find some meanness of spirit for not going. Thank goodness I will not be tested.

Anyway the good doctor arrived, scarcely after I had settled into my office chair, just after 8 am and then, as is his won’t, started communicating, through Skype, to family and friends, in various parts of the world, on his beloved Apple laptop. Fortunately I was able to tear him away to give him lunch at the Cricketers. Thank heavens weather had improved and it is was lovely, sunny and warm in the sunshine . We had our usual table outside, tucked into the corner at the front of the pub and therefore sheltered and away from any wind. We had a delicious lunch. I opted for a favourite of mine, the Cricketers steak and kidney pie with a crispy suet pastry and mashed potatoes and the good Dr settled for the’ credit crunch lunch’ which was deliciously freshly cooked fish and chips. The whole lot washed down with an excellent bottle of French Merlot. I smoked a couple of the Villiger cigars that Mick had generously picked up for me in Singapore, where they cost 1/5th. of what we pay in the UK. If I didn’t have a constant supply of these duty-free ones, even if I had to pay for them which I rarely do, I’m far too mean to pay the UK price and would give up smoking.

I then came back to the house while Michael snoozed in a deckchair in the garden attempting to catch up a little of the sleep lost through the time difference. In the event, I did not venture out into the garden again out in the garden and for the first time as far back as I can remember did not enjoy our usual bottle of champagne. Frankly the Merlot had been enough for me as I really don’t think I can think as much as I used to. This suited the good Dr because I secretly think he prefers a good malt whisky to champagne.

We spent a fairly quiet evening in front of the television and I think the good Dr was only to happy to have an early night as jet lag was catching up with him.

Apropos nothing at all I receive this wonderfully politically incorrect series of advertisements from the dark ages. Girls, please forgive me, I DO NOT, endorse their content. Click From the dark ages to see them. There are quite a few pictures so it takes 2 or 3 min to download them but they’re well worth while waiting for.

Be patient!

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