28 September 2011

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I forgot to mention that the day before the good doctor arrived, Paula, who is professional hairdresser, and one of our carers ,cut my hair and that of Alice, for a modest fee. The last time Michael was here she cut his hair as well but this time he’s missed out.

We had our usual fly around this morning with Sam and Sarah doing the honours of showering and dressing and then getting me into my study chair. I worked on yesterday’s blog and then it was time for the good Dr to be taken to Audley End station to start his journey to the funeral.

Mick had met some very nice peopleon a recent trip round Australia for CEO’s and the like and introduced them to my blog. One of them, Bian Hedt, big in grain production, apparently, very kindly sent me a nice e-mail, in which, he was good enough to say generous things about both the good Dr I and myself I was delighted to reply and thought the other readers might be interested to read what he said. I reproduce an un-expurgated copy below. (Incidentally, Pam, is Brian’s wife)

Greetings Michael (AKA Dr Who)


I am not wishing to boast nor copy your unique housekeeping style but I too have been naked since arriving in FNQ, but for a much more satisfying reason than housekeeping. I believe it was reward for finding this poor lonely, lovely lady called Pam wandering around Port Douglas with no company. At least that’s what I tell myself. On the other hand Pam has an entirely different view of the situation but such is life.

I spent quite a time last night reading Prof Mark Cato’s blog and laughed heartily at his (and your) sense of humour and capacity to laugh at life and what it thrown at him. Having known you for just a week and reading Mark’s blog I feel saddened that we have met in our later years, you and Mark have so much more to teach poor souls like me.

Now about the nickname I have given you, I realised that I had not explained why I have become so fond of it so let me explain as follows; In case you don’t know (Being a surgeon I feel sure you would) Dr. Who has two hearts which is what makes him so resourceful, clever, strong, humble, well travelled, intellectual, articulate old, insightful and caring. These are qualities as well as others too numerous to mention here that I see in you. So take it as a compliment and please read all this to Mark to help pass the time.

Isn’t it wonderful that you can already see the purpose of your trip yielding positive outcomes.

I am so glad to hear that you are wanting to have further contact with us having told Pam about you she has said she is really looking forward to meeting you. We get to Melbourne reasonably often too so will let you know and see what we can do to make a pleasant couple of hours pass together. 

Give Mark our love as I too feel I know him from the wonderful tales you told at his expense



I’m uncertain about the reference to Michael’s nakedness or his explanation was that he was caught out doing the vacuuming au naturel. If that’s the good doctors explanation then who am I to question it?!

Our Indian summer has come at last I was taken out into the garden after lunch, stripped off my shirt and enjoyed the sunshine for a couple of hours. The temperature, apparently, is something like 10° warmer than it should be for this time of year. Certainly our weather is all up the creek. Having had a very warm and, indeed, hot April/ May, an appalling wet, windy and cool summer and now, it’s virtually autumn, the summer seems to have come back again. Could it be really down to global warming?


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