2 OCTOBER 2011

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I had a really uncomfortable time last night., Despite’ my lovely’ setting the alarm and coming down three times to turn me over. I am very much against her being woken by an alarm as I believe it to be the thin end of the wedge. t’s okay if she comes down when she wakes up naturally but if you’re going to be artificially woken out of the deep sleep at intervals she could get very tired so I am determined that we will find some other workable alternative. The pain in my shoulder on a scale of 1 to 10 certainly reached 9 last night.In addition, at a slightly lower level, I had pain in my knee, hip and foot. I’m glad I had a bone scan recently otherwise I would have suspected that I had some serious problem with my skeleton, as the hospital eliminated arthritis I’m at a loss to know what’s causing the pain. Last night may have been partially down to the fact I forgot to take my painkiller with my supper although the outcome was very little different from the night before. We will see what happens about then I’ll speak to Dr Margaret Saunders from the hospice, on Monday morning.


I made up for the poor night and had a nice start to the day by being able to watch the Irish play the Italians for a place in the quarter-finals. The Irish won by the slender margin handsomrly.

Tomorrow, we have been warned by the electricity supplier that the electricity will be switched off from 9 to 4 (trimming trees against the predicted hard winter to come!. Seven hours is a long time and as I am totally reliable on my laptop (I cannot even read a book without it) I shall have to revise my routine and spend more time listening to some classical music on my iPod.

Here is another bit of fun for you and good reason why you should never get caught up in any rioting crowds. This is similar to the one I including recently covering the inauguration of Obama.

Face recognition in a crowd

Do you think that this will make the perpetrators think a bit before starting riots??

This is the crowd before the riot in Vancouver.
Put your cursor anywhere in the crowd and double-click a couple of time You can zero in on one single face. The clarity is unbelievable.

This is the photo taken by Port Moody photographer Ronnie Miranda that appeared in Tri-City News Friday (24-June). This is actually scary. You can see – perfectly – the faces of everysingle individual and there were thousands!


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