4 October 2011

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The last day of this current run of fine sunny weather. Fortunately it lasted until today which, of course, being a Tuesday was geriatric golf day. It was glorious in the sunshine although a little blowy in the wind. I tick tacked backwards and forwards across the course speaking to the various foursomes who were playing today. I then returned to the clubhouse around 12.30 for a glass of wine and a cigar before lunch. Karl Creasy and John Gray were on hand and generally looked after my needs. I just wonder how many more decent days we will have this year when I am able to drive around the course in comfort. Basically I’ve said to myself I will not go unless the temperature is above 10°C and dry.

Yesterday’s weather reminded me of that line from Keats’ poem.. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness… There was certainly an early-morning autumnal mist before the sun broke through. Because of the rather strange unseasonable weather we’ve had this year it has been the best for, as far back as I can remember, for plentitude of fruit.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that our trees were groaning under the weight of a massive load of plums which reminded me to refer the reader to the Anecdotes section and the little story entitled, Jamie Oliver Eat Your Heart out. ‘Not only were the plums in abundance but also the apples ,pears, gooseberries and quince (is quince one of those words when the singular and plural are the same?. Anyway more than one of our friends makes quince jelly, so by providing them with the raw material we usually end up with a couple of jars – delicious with cheese .I heard on the news last night that the strawberry fields have come into season again for a second picking which is extremely unusual. I also heard that we were in for a very hard winter. So we must batten down the hatches. If that is so I suspect my carers may have difficulties on some mornings on the icy roads. I might well find myself having to stay in bed longer than I would have wished unless I can persuadle ‘my lovely’ to attempt the whole getting up process.

Picked up a beautiful light blue woollen jumper from the crowd at the club, which ‘my lovely’ gave me for my birthday. It’s taken for ever to come because of the embroidered crest of Worlington.

Still no news from Nuance, the voice activation people. It must now be the best part of three months now since the videoconference with a UK team took place try to resolve my problem. I am not impressed. In the meantime Paul is proceeding to uninstall the data and programmes and reinstall them in the hope that that will resolve the problem.

I think I was as surprised as many others when the American girl and her boyfriend had their plea of guilty overturned by the Italian Supreme Court, for the murder of their flatmate. However I make no comment on it because I always avoid anything semi-political or two controversial. However, I wondered if this meant that under Italian law as a result, they are both declared to be innocent or is it likely Scottish law where one of the verdicts can be ‘ not proven’. As I understand it, and I am no expert in criminal law in any country, this means that a person can be tried again on the same charge should fresh evidence come to light. Or, is it like English law were having been found innocent who cannot be tried for the same offence twice – although I understand that there is quite recently been asked slight change in that. I’m curious to know whether the decision of the Italians in court means that the verdict the case against the American girl and her boyfriend is’ not proven’. The other interesting aspect of this case is that I understand from the news media that there is the prospect of a film and book and exclusive newspaper stories which altogether could bring them in say $20 million. As I understand it the rule of law in this country is that no one can benefit from their own crime, so if the prosecutors appeal succeeds and the verdict is once more reversed, the proceeds from all of these media circuses would be confiscated for the Crown I wonder if the same applies in Italy? I’m sure that one of my readers will be able to clarify the situation for me and any other reader who might also be puzzled. I suggest clicking on the comment bottom of today’s entry so that anything you tell me can be shared with all the other readers.


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