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A very pleasant start to the day, after an uncomfortable tonight – shoulder and knee again – which started off by me watching the World Series Rugby in New Zealand. I just saw the end of the Welsh victory against Ireland, making them the first of the home teams to get into the semi-finals. Then, the big one, England against, the old enemy, France, who proved too good for us on the day. Thus we, as current world champions, are on our way home leaving it to Wales to save the honour of the British Isles when they play France in the semi-finals.

Coming back to these painful nights, I had a word with Dr Margaret Saunders, from the Rank Hospice, yesterday – Margaret is in charge of my palliative care – and she suggested that I should meet her pain control team so I have agreed to visit the Hospice in the near future. It is this Hospice that I’m hoping will be featured in the BBC sequel to the Sir Terry Pratchett’s programme about Choosing to Die (see 15 June entry). I rang Craig Hunter ,the director of the original programme, who, although preoccupied with a brand-new baby, told me that he is still waiting to hear from the BBC. I suppose no news is good news, at least they have not turned down the idea. The wheels of such mighty institutions as the BBC grind exceedingly slowly.

I now have a date for my cataract operation at the end of this month. However it’s not quite as straightforward as I would have hoped as they are going to make me lie flat on my back with the respirator working to ensure that I can maintain that position for 15 min. as it is imperative that I do not move. I certainly have wondered once or twice whether I should risk it but there’s no doubt that as things stand I can see a shadow under anything I’m reading or watching on television. Once I have had the cataract operation and provided it is successful then I can launch out and buy some new glasses.

Paul came round after lunch a couple of hours, so Alice could go out. Thus we sat and messed about with the computer but did not really achieve much. I think I am a distraction when Paul comes and it would be better if I left it to him to continue the work that he has already started in uninstalling and reinstalling the programmes and data to see that resolves the voice activation problem.

I watched a fascinating film, after Paul had gone, called The Social Network which was all about how Facebook had started, almost by accident, and that created the youngest billionaire in the world, as a result.



  • Joan says:

    I had my eyes ‘done’ this year and it is amazing what a difference it has made. I hope that your problems will not interfere with the procedure and that you will have the joy of brighter vision.

  • DMC says:

    To be frank, Joan,I have no idea whether the star cataract is causing my weakening eyesight or whether it is atrophying muscles as a result of the MND. (I forgot to mention this in my last assessment),I will shortly find out.however I’m glad to hear that the operation hasmade such a big difference in your case.



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