9 October 2011

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Started off the day by watching an excellent match in the World Series Rugby Championships in New Zealand between, the favourites, New Zealand and underdogs Argentina. It was generally expected that Argentina would be absolutely slaughtered by the the New Zealanders (the All Blacks) by a margin of 30 or 40 points but, unbelievably Argentina they were ahead after the first quarter of the match having scored a try to New Zealand’s two penalties., New Zealand did not score its first try until the 67th. minute, just 13 min before the end of the match, but the result was inevitable with New Zealand winning 33-10, not surprising really when you consider that it is 17 years since any team beat New Zealand on their home territory.

A nice start to the day with an e-mail from an old friend in Austria, Eugen Salpius, an eminent lawyer/arbitrator, who I had not seen or heard from for two or three years, saying how much he and wife Truadi , were enjoying the blog. It never ceases to amaze me how it seems to have touched friends all over the world.

I was chasing Social Services yesterday, for an application form to apply for the higher rate of Attendance Allowance, as suggested by my MND team at Adenbrookes. I was delighted to learn that I have been receiving it as part of my state pension since 23rd. June. I know it’s not much but I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t noticed. To be frank I’m not even sure how much is the state pension. Having said that I would have expected some sort of note from social services telling me that I had been granted this higher rate.

In general conversation, going about their business, two of my carers happened to mention their Sunday lunch. Traditionally roast beef or lamb, roast potatoes and peas etc. The more important thing is that they are typically following the family tradition of my youth, when most families, irrespective of social class, got the entire family sitting around the table for Sunday lunch and in doing so, conversed together. This is becoming rarer and rarer since people now tend to eat when it suits them in front of the television.

I was delighted to hear that there are still people like Christine and Louise who value the old traditions. The point being that I heard a big employer the other day complaining that many of the young people who apply for jobs have no social graces. They are barely capable of carrying out a reasonable conversation. Much of the problem being that they have rarely sat down and held a serious conversation with their parents but instead have been indoctrinated by much of the rubbish shown on television.

Social graces and knowing how to behave can be almost as important as being able to read and write when it comes to jobs which do not require a great deal of academic prowess. I’m also delighted to hear that this government is expanding the possibilities of apprenticeships and internships and luring youngsters away from university education who really are not up to it and would probably, in any event, not benefit from it. I think the last government’s target of ensuring that at least 50% of all school leavers attended university was misplaced as we have a great shortage of engineers, technicians and people who are good at working with their hands.

I had a telephone call today from Hew (Dundas) a committee member of The Arbitration Club and chairman of the Oil and Gas Branch, suggesting that the Hon. Sec, Martin Potter, be my official guest and represent me, at a the forthcoming dinner, that is, of course, if I was unable to attend myself, as Hew suspected. So typically considerate of Hew and I was delighted that he had chosen Martin Porter and wife Winifred ,who have worked tirelessly for the Arbitration Club since taking on the role of Hon. Sec. As I explained to Hew I would love to have come but I fear my evening dinner days have almost certainly come to an end. I’m okay on the morning and for lunch next door at the Cricketers, but I noticeably become quite exhausted around 7 p.m. and I’m usually glad to go to bed a couple of hours later. This being so I just could not physically cope with a London dinner getting home around midnight.

Here is something for the more serious reader.

A relatively easy to understand explanation of the 10 dimension. Most of us understand ythe first three, dimensions, length, breadth and height but few would understand much beyond the fifth dimension. It is worthwhile spending a little time following this explanation. Click here. to follow the explanation. I know that Giggsy will particularly enjoy this

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