26 October 2011

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I had the most frustrating days. Today need I say why, it was thilat wretched Dragon again. Paul has stripped most programmes down and reinstalled them from scratch which we hoped would have solved the problem, but to no avail. I’m getting so desperate now that I’m considering switching to the Windows 7 voice activation system which is building to the computer. I’m told that I can expect around 95% accuracy compared with the 100% I should be getting if Dragon was working properly.


Reverting to the demonstration at St Pauls Cathedral. that I wrote about yesterday It has become sufficiently serious for the Editor of The Times to make it his leading editorial. His views can be summed up to the heading ‘Don’t Carry on Camping-. However well spoken and idealistic. these St Paul’s protesters are acting without consideration for others and should depart’ “I can do no better than to quote from this leader ‘…the continuing occupation is now violating the amenity of visitors and people who work nearby. Sir Christopher Wren’s designs for the front aspect of his masterwork did not include a large number of tents (empty or not).. To be able to enjoy the view of the cathedral.. is an important right, as is the ability to visit it unimpeded. If occupiers simply say they will stay there as long as they choose, without considering the needs of others, they are being discourteous and selfish.




This is a matter of liberty, but not just of freedom of speech. For as well as the right to protest, there is a right to worship and the right of free religious assembly…….’

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