27 October 2011

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A busy day of people coming and going. Of course, the day started in the normal way with the carers coming in to shower and dress me They were followed, mid-morning, by the domiciliary dentist, Sian, from the Saffron Waldon Community Dental Service, with her dental nurse, Sue. I had a good hygienist session and the dentist confirmed that my teeth were in pretty good condition.

Next came Sarah from Ross Nursing for my midday tummy rubbing. (aromatherapy) .When I see Dr. Saunderspice on Friday I shall discuss with her the efficacy of the tummy rubbing and then decide whether to continue with it, three times a day, as we had been doing for the past or four months.

After Sarah left there was just time to squeeze in my lunch before Paul (the computer) came for yet more tinkering with my laptop and to introduce me to Windows 7 voice activation. which is built into Office 2010 (which I used to for this entire entry without much difficulty). The work that Paul has done so far will, at least, enable us to isolate the problem, either as Dragon or something else . We should not really have had to be doing at this as a starting point which I would have expected the Dragon technicians to have started with asome months ago. I must say, with a minimal training, and not being used to the slightly different commands, I was pretty impressed at how quickly I picked up the Windows 7 system. Whereas, in the past, I was under the impression that the there’s nothing to equal the accuracy of Dragon, I shall have no hesitation in recommending the Windows 7 system before deciding whether that will do or they need something slightly more sophisticated At least, it gives me a backstop in the event that the Dragon people fail to resolve my problem. There is still no word from them, which frankly I think it’s absolutely disgraceful, particularly as they have been aware, for sometime, ,that I am severely disabled and rely heavily on this ,means of communication.

Finally, my GP, Dr. Annette Lort came to give me a flu jab and generally catch up on how I am doing.

In between all these visits I initially struggled wth Dragon to complete my blog entry which, over the past few days, as got infuriatingly frustrating as it keeps freezing after a few words and therefore makes fluid dictation almost impossible.

After that long weary entry of woe the reader deserves something rather special. So I have reproduced some beautiful photographs of the Grand Canyon as you have never seen it before. Click here. Bear in mind that this enormous crevice in the earth’s crust was
initially carved out by a glacier in the last ice age, tens of millions ofyears ago. In a funny sort of way. it reminds me of my Yangtze River trip and
t he high cliffs either side, rising anything up to 300 m from the river below.




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