30 October 2011

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Carla came in at 7.00 this morning, instead of unusual 7.30, fundamentally to assist Alice in getting me to a sitting position on the edge of the bed without either pulling all my weight on one arm on or straining her. I think we may well make this a new routine. One carer coming in half an hour before the other, one during which time she can, do my tummy rubbing (if we decided to go on with it) give me my early morning tea and breakfast and then to finish shaving me before the second one turns up. This will considerably relieve ”my lovely’ in the early morning.

The good Dr. Michael left for the Airport . at 9.15 and we were left to have a quiet day together after all our recent activity. -no bad thing As I said yesterday Michael will be back in on Wednesday and, in fact, instead of leaving on Saturday. the way as originally planned ,.is now staying here until Sunday as all of the flights . he wants are full. We heard today that Qantas Airlines are on a 24 hour strike which means that there are thousands of passengers stranded in various parts of the world. What a time to do it with all the heads of the Commonwealth in Australia for their meeting with the Queen. Mick agreed with me that it’s crazy as it is common knowledge this airline is close to the brink of bankruptcy, thus the talks of them merging with Singapore Airlines. This sort of strike could be enough to push it them over the edge.

The other news, good so far as Mick is concerned, is that five-day trip, around Thailand, due to start next week, will almost certainly be cancelled due to the extensive flooding – something like 2/3. rds of the country is under water.and tourists have been advised to stay away. This is good news for Michael start next week as he was not particularly keen to go, in any event. I feel really sorry for our dear friends at the Anantara (see videos The Beautiful Anantara, as this is just the beginning of their high season.)

Now that internal struggle in Libya is over and Gaddafi is dead, NATO have formally ceased their role and we must now see what sort of administration comes from those we have been assisting to get rid of the former dictator. Quietly, going on at the same time there are sporadic uprisings in Syria, which the president says is just down to a few agitators and troublemakers but that is not the general opinion. Will that be the next country to go in this domino affect?

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