2 November 2011

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Capitalism in Crisis . The motto adopted by the protesters camping on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. Hallo there! Do you think the rest of us are asleep and not aware that capitalism is in crisis? The finance ministers from the countries in the developed world have been scratching their heads now for two or three weeks to see what more they can do to avert this crisis. (In the meantime, all the protesters seem to have achieved is to have caused a schism in the clergy at St Paul’s Cathedral with both the Canon and now the Dean having resigned.) A number of eminent personages, who are meant to know about such things, still suggest that Greece will renege on paying the next instalment on its debt. This despite a proposal for rescuing them which includes writing off half of the present debt. . How many people in this country would welcome such an opportunity?

Be that as it may, the Greek government did not grasp this generous offer with both hands and fall on their knees thanking the Almighty, instead, the Greek Prime Minister has decided that he will put it to the people via a referenda. (Then presumably when things go pear shaped. He will be able to turn around and say that the people themselves are responsible as it was their choice, that is, assuming they vote not to accept the offer) Okay, I agree that the offer comes with strings attached, which may not be palatable to the Greek populace. However, they got themselves in this mess by fiddling their income tax and spending money as if it had gone out of fashion, but despite that have been offered a way out. I suspect the referenda will show a large majority in favour of rejecting the terms of this offer. Then, where will we be? If Greece goes under, i which it has been prophesied, by the same proophrt that Portugal may follow, then Italy and finally, France, all of whom, this sage goes on to suggests will leave the Eurozuro.. Heaven knows what chaos will be caused to the global financial marke,. If this comes to pass. I have always understood that it was Spain who would likelyto be in trouble next. but they had not been in the news lately, so perhaps they are out of the woods for the time being.

(I don’t know where this line appeared from or why it should be there but I cannot remove it, so please ignore it)

Coming back to the people camped on the steps of St Paul’s, what on earth do they expect us to do about capitalism being in crisis, other than what is being done? Wave a magic wand and wish all our troubles away? Establish a communist state overnight, perhaps.? No, we are stuck with capitalism, for better or for worse and we must all tighten our belts and hang on. In the end of the day it’s all about confidence

One wonders why the police did not remove the 80% of empty tents overnight, except I suppose they would have been infringing these so-called protesters human rights. I remember there was one chap who set up camp opposite the Houses of Parliament, on a traffic. island,. He ‘lived’ there for over 11 years protesting against the Iraq war (I wonder if anybody ever told him that the war had been over for some time? ) I think a number of legal attempts were made to remove him but in the end the powers that be decided to leave him there, presumably, thinking that he would soon get fet up with the uncomfortable accommodation and move voluntary.. However, give him his due, he stayed there, winter and summer until he recently passed away. I imagine some left winger will now want to have a statue erected to him on the spot! I cannot think of any other country in the world. who would put up. with this sort of thing. But then, I suppose that is something we should be proud of, the freedom allowing people to protest peaceably.

. Anyway, the world is undoubtedly in crisis financially at the moment ,and UK Ltd is as bad, if not worse than many other countries. The screw has turned and people are beginning to feel the pinch. Cuts are being made in almost every sector of society. I heard yesterday that the government is considering cutting continuing care and even those who qualify may be means tested. Alice told me this and thinks she heard something to the effect that those people who could afford it would have to pay the first £35,000 a year for continuing care, but don’t quote me on that! I just hope that having been awarded it. we might be immune from retrospective legislation. Certainly, if we were means tested. we would have to pay it and that might influence whether I go, sooner rather than later.!!

The good Dr arrived back this late evening, just before I went to bed so, no champagne tonight just a good measure of whisky for the doctor. It was a little wary after his journey. (My own regular doctor recommended years ago that the single whisky every evening was definitely good for me .Something to do with making the heart beat a little faster -but sadly, although clearly medicinal, not on the NHS!) He will be staying until Sunday so it looks as though we might get through a bottle or two of champagne unless highlight I can persuade him to switch occasionally to whisky, for which he also has a fondness. You might say if I can afford champagne then I should be means tested for continuing care. You could say that but I could not possibly comment!

Click here to see the sort of lesson that the agitators St Pauls Cathedral could well take note of. If they think Capitalism Is in Crisis, this may convince them that socialism is not the answer. I know that this, coming from America, was aimed at President Obama’s current policy but nevertheless is equally as apposite here as it is in the States.



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