3 November 2011

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My lovely’ left for London early this morning. She got me up onto the edge of the bed drinking my early morning tea and then handed me over to the good Dr. Mick is well used to looking after me as he did so, single-handedly, in Sweden. In fact ,he’s just about the only civilian Alice would trust to do so. Even then, the dear old thing left clutches of notes here and there reminding the good Dr. to do this and that and when. I am delighted that she can have a t stress-free day off in London and not worry herself about who is looking after me Fortunately she trusts Michael beyond all others. I know that she’s giving son Smiler lunch at the Italian restaurant opposite his gallery which she has been unable to do now for the best part of a year.

Mick and I soon settled down to a quiet day together. I love to see him sitting in a deep armchair ploughing his way through one of the many books he never seems to have time to read when he is at home. Perhaps I should say his other his other home for, as the saying goes, home is where your heart is, and his heart is certainly here, not exclusively but when he visits us, and, as a result we have made it clear that he is to treat this place as if he was in his own home.Mia cassa, sua cassa (I think that’s how you spell it)

After I had finished my blog and dealing with e-mails I got onto the trading standards people who I called last Friday. I was told that they had a return call policy within four working days and today is the fourth day. They were very apologetic and promised to ring me back which I’m sorry to say they did not. so I called again and they have renewed the following working day pledge, but running from today. In the meantime, still nothing from Nuance.

Which is the very reason for contacting them. To make a formal complaint against Nuance, the suppliers of my Dragon voice activation system to whom I sent a complaint almost 6 months ago which they have still not managed to resolve

This after 55 telephone calls from me and at least 14 hours talking to their technicians. My complaint is basically for fraudulent misrepresentation, they claim that they offer technical support free to suit individuals needs. What they fail to mention is that the caller is paying for the telephone call at a premium rate. (Admittedly, only six p a minute, but that still merrily up to over £40. The money is not important, but the principle is) Secondly, I believe any programme that requires six months (or even more as it is yet not resolved) to sort out its problems is ‘unfit for purpose’ (Sale of Goods Act etc). I informed the MND loan equipment section, what I was doing, as clearly the contract for this programme is between the MND Association and Nuance, but if it came to the legalities of the situation I believe I could invoke Contracts ( Rights OF Third Parties) Act 1999. I do not believe these people should get away with such a shabby service, particularly as they know that I am severely disabled and rely very heavily on voice activation and six months, during MND patient, could be a significant part of what time they have left..

The tented army of protesters at St Pauls Cathedral continues to attract media attention this, after the cathedral authorities agreed last night to allow them to stay until the New Year without specifying a precise date by which they should leave. I believe this to be a big mistake. but then I am not as tolerant as the church officers. These sort of people, from whatever walk of life. they come, be it rich or poor, only understand a firm hand. There was yet another editorial in yesterday’s Times, headed Strange Occupation. Whichever bunch of weirdos , to whom you attribute this occupation., the blame cannot be placed on the church or its officers. It is suggested that the front of St Paul’s was merely a convenient open space near the London Stock Exchange. and that is why these agitators set up camp there, nothing to do with the church. Whilst admiring the leaders of St Paul’s for taking their teachings so seriously, that the question of how to please a small demonstration has caused a crisis of conscience, resulting in the resignation of the Canon and the Dean. The editorial suggests that any other churchman considering resigning over this issue should realise that this protest is not against the church and they therefore it should not responsible for ending it and they should not allow this small group of protesters to distract them from their mission or deprive them of their livelihood. On the other hand, it is suggested that the protesters should reflect upon the damage their presence is now doing to innocent people and their families, and to an institution that promotes moral behaviour as an alternative to greed and selfishness. St Paul’s was not their target, but is now their victim ‘

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