7 November 2011

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A footnote to the tragic story of the multiple car crash near Taunton yesterday. It has now been is now been confirmed that dense smoke from the bonfire allegedly, lit by the local rugby club, adjacent to the motorway, was certainly the principal cause of the accident.

Presumably the unsuspecting motorist went from totally clear vision to immediate blackout and as a result, drove into the truck on the hard shoulder. I noticed in my own household insurance policy, which has just come up for renewal, that we are not allowed to have bonfires within 100 m of the house. Fortunately we live i on a fairly large plot of land, but even then we would have two or three flavours who are less than 100 m away, not counting those across the road. What on earth are we supposed to do if they decide to have a bonfire on the entry to their better nature. Presumably the insurance company mean that we, the insured, must not a bonfire within 100 metres of the house. How many people do you know have enough land to be able to live a bonfire that close to the property?!

It makes one wonder if we have gone into the’ silly season’. For example, yesterday I have heard someone talking about the government or someone involved in the housing programme, suggest that elderly people with bedrooms to spare should consider moving out into smaller accommodation and thus releasing the bigger house for the local people with large or growing families. Whoever made this suggestion cannot have thought it through. For example, in the first instance. The young people would be unlikely to be able to afford the larger house and worse than that if the elderly people downsized into a small two-bedroom or three-bedroom bungalow for example, this would deprive the young growing family of a house that the young growing family could possibly just afford. So the complete opposite objective would be achieved by this ludicrous suggestion.

Let us look at another silly season suggestion mentioned on the radio this morning. ‘Children’of elderly parents (which probably makes them in their 50’s) are recommended to observe their parents closely, particularly if they do not see them from one month to the next, and note any early signs of dementia. Presumably they would then report this to the local Gestapo who would come in and eliminate them. In all seriousness, they would pass on this information to the local health authority who would presumably pay a visit, and tried to treat the dementia or, at least, to slow it down. A commendable object but it does rather smack of Hitler youth prior to the last war reporting any casual criticism of the Hitler regime with the predictable outcome. Heaven help us if these suggestions are being made by people in authority able to follow them through. There is one thing in alerting the social services to a family we believe a child is being abused and another in reporting your mum and dad when you get a little forgetful.

While I remember (!), for those of you are interested I have slept pain free. Since I had the injection in my shoulder at the beginning of last week. I am very surprised if this somehow has affected the pain in my knees and hip is but I suppose it’s just possible that if it, say, coutisone it got into the bloodstream. Interestingly, the good Dr Michael, who has been staying with us, speculates that the eye drops, which are administered four times a day, and which contains cortisone.

As my computer has been driving me (and Paul) mad over the last few
days I thought I would give my readers the sort of frustration I have.
suffered from. Have a go at this by clicking on the cat.


  • Amanda says:

    Mr. Cato, thank you so much for your diaries. I have read through them all, as my boyfriend has just been diagnosed with ALS. It has made me have strength of how we can deal with his disease as things arise.

  • DMC says:

    Dear Amanda.
    Thank you so much for your comments. I’m always delighted to hear from people like you and your partner for which the blog was originally started.

    As the whole process is new to you. If there is anything you would like to discuss and private, I will send you my contact details and then by all means give me a ring.

    In the meantime, apart from reading the blog itself to click onto the jokes videos, pictures
    included as a diversion fro your present worries

    Good luck


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