8 November 2011

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I was a bit of a wimp. today, as the weather didn’t look at all enticing. It was grey, overcast and drizzly with a chilly wind blowing. Much as I love going to the Tuesday, geriatric golf day. I did not fancy driving around in my electric wheelchair in the light rain and getting soaked., So I cancelled I fear this is the beginning of a long winter for me as I suspect there will be many days when the weather will not be good enough for me to go.

The latest bit of scandal concerns immigration. Apparently due to staff shortages and the volume of traffic going through our various entry points, in the summer, the Foreign Secretary instructed the Immigration Officers to relax their normal photograph and thumbprint check on entry. In effect, waving through thousands of people during the peak season, including heaven knows how many terrorists. Since 7/11, like so many other thousands of air passengers, I accepted that going through security would take a little longer. This latest news is an absolute scandal and certainly warrants the resignation of the Foreign Secretary. If they are that short of staff why do they not engage t some more from the tens of thousands of unemployed, including many university graduates, as tourism represents a large percentage of our GDP. I’m quite sure they could increase some tax or other to pay for the additional cost of staff. Ironically, the security on outgoing passengers is just the strict as it ever was. Even down to removing one’s shoes so they can be X rayed (remember the terrorist who hid the ingredients for a bomb in his shoex).

I scarcely need mention that my laptop is still playing up or rather the voice activation, Dragon programme. It took me 17 attempt is this morning to logon to Dragon.Now I have formally reported this to this Trading Standards Office, I wonder what sort of response that will elicit.

We had a bit of a fright last evening when the NHS lounger chair, in which I spend 14 hours on most days, did not function from its remote-control. Fortunately it was stuck in a forward position on which I perched for the whole evening, much to my discomfort, as the lack of flesh on my bottom means that I spent the evening sitting on my bone.s The engineer is supposed to be on call 24/7, but there was not even an answerphone on which we can leave a message. Thank heavens, I was not stuck up in the air as we would have had to either call 999 or the paramedics to get me down. We are waiting for the engineer to arrive as I write at 8.10 a.m.. We waited, and waited but no sign of him, in fact he did not turn up at all, so I shall chase him tomorrow.

Talking of dates reminds me of the couple, who were asked what was the worst date ever. Click here to read theit answer. Incidentally, have some of you think my jokes are getting a little near the knuckle, as they say, I invite my readers to send me the very best joke,. they have heard. No, as long as they are not political, racist, homophobic, sexual, or just downright rude, I will consider sharing them with my other readers.


  • Amanda says:

    I guess I have more questions about MND than anything else. I want to focus on the positive for my boyfriend. He has some weakness in one arm right now. And some muscle twitching in said arm and a little in his face. In your early stages did you find anything that helped with the twitching? His doctor wants him to eat healthy, and my concern is as he develops issues with swallowing. Did you find any type of liquid supplement that you found easier to swaller/digest? I read in your blogs that you do enjoy the cigar. My boyfriend does enjoy his cigarette. He is trying to cut back. What was the reaction from your medical support about smoking? I do try to get him outside and we do enjoying car trips and walking as he doesn’t yet exhibit any issues with his legs. Do you find that you rest better after an excursion out or does it tire you more?

  • DMC says:

    Dear Amanda.

    There is nothing you can do about the fasciculations (twitching) they will eventually stop. I never had any twitching in my face so cannot advise about that. Ask your doc if your boyfriend has Bulbar which will eventually affect his swallowing but he would best answer that, rather than me.

    I eat normally all the food I did before I was diagnosed with MND. So far as his cigarettes are concerned, frankly I would suggest that he smokes to his hearts content. My own personal view is, it cannot do him any harm now. He will almost certainly die from MND before lung cancer catches up with him, but again I stress, you must speak to your doctor about this. In fact, his smoking may well be beneficial in as much as it takes some of his stress or depression away. This is just my personal opinion in the same way as I take no notice of what it says on the medication about not taking it and alcohol. at the same time. I come from the school that says a little of what you fancy does you good.

    I used to go to the gym three days a week and was very fit. When I was diagnosed with MND. I asked the doctors. whether I should continue. They told me that for general fitness. It would do me no harm, but I could never improve my muscles, so I gave up.

    To be honest with you I find that after about three hours of an excursion, perhaps having lunch with a friend and doing a lot of talking, I do tend to feel pretty exhausted but frankly it is worth it, rather than sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

    Best Wishes


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