10 November 2011

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A technician from Holly’s wheelchairs came yesterday to fit the chin control to my wheelchair. It’s only a tiny little saucer shaped piece of, metal, about 2 inches in diameter and I just wonder how difficult it will be to navigate safely with it., Certainly on very uneven surfaces, such as the pavement from here to The Cricketers. I should be very circumspect about trying to control the chair this way. I think I will wait until I’m in some wide-open space, like golf course or our garden, before I try it out. Whilst he was here the technician also fitted some new plates for my feet, which now incorporate a heel guard to prevent my feet, slipping off as I have done in the past.

We also had a visit from Jenny Buckley, the physiotherapist, as a follow-up from my recent visit to Papworth Hospital.. She came to see if you could introduce me to some shoulder exercises but when I went through those that are I have a been doing myself for some years. she seemed perfectly satisfied that these would do the job as well as any new ones that she might suggest. we left it at the status quo.

Lunch today at The Cricketers, it is almost becoming a weekly event. On this occasion it was with one of the ‘old faithful’, Douglas Gordon,. Regular readers will know all about Douglas as I have written about him, in depth, in the past. Suffice it to say, to jog your memory, he was my erstwhile stockbroker and founder of the best village magazine in the country .I feel a fool recording yet again the fact that we ate our lunch outside as each time I do it, I swear it will be the last time this year.. I know my friends only do it to humour me as it is common knowledge that I like a little cigar when I get the chance. Anyway, it was certainly mild enough as we were both fairly well muffled up.. Douglas and wife Cecilia (my erstwhile piano teacher) and recently returned from a rather grand Scottish tour with such commitments is as the director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and staying in such grand places as the home of the Duke of who apparently, to Douglas’s chagrin, insisted on carrying his suitcases up to his room.

I received a comment on my blog from a gentleman who was apparently sitting inside The Cricketers last week when I was eating outside.

With was with his wife, who was in a wheelchair as she had is suffering from MS. He spotted me through the window and drew his wife’s attention to the funny old boy sitting out in the cold smoking a small cigar at the end of ,what he described as. A lavatory roll holder. He was intrigued. When he got home he happened to be surfing the net and somehow found himself on this blog and was amazed when he recognised me as the odd character . he had spotted through the window of The Cricketers.. It’s a small world, as they say.

No news yet either from Ruben, the senior technician at a Dragon or the trading standards officer to whom I referred the case. I shall have to chase them up, find out what is happening. In the meantime, I struggle on with all the frustration of the intermittent freezing of the voice activation, together with its unpredictable ways of t accessing various files, e-mails, twitter etc in the middle of a period of dictation. I have The MND Association fully apprised of my action in the following this matter to the Trading Standards Office and they appear to be solidly behind me. This may be the result of me pointing out to them that I had to log on nine times in order to complete the e-mail to them

As my Australian doctor friend Michael has just left. I thought I would include, on today’s entry a fairly typical Australian joke, Click here.

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