14 November 2011

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Jane’ the sheep’ was still indisposed today so Paul’ the computer’ stood in once more for her. Of course, as much as I like Jane, at this stage of cleaning up my computer, it suits my book to have Paul here. As usual we spent three happy hours tinkering with the computer and I think we have gone just about as far as we can in isolating the problem. Still no news from Ruben, Dragon’s, senior technician in this country, with suggestions as to where we go from here. I know he will have heard by now from the trading standards officer concerning my complaint. I rang this gentleman, Mr Missen on Friday, as I was a little surprised that he had not requested copies of factual evidence to back up my complaint against Dragon.. He told me that he had telephoned the technical support line himself. So the first complaint concerning “fraudulent misrepresentation” was quite clear to him. As to the other complaint that their programme was not ‘fit for purpose’ I should have thought he needed copies of my telephone bills showing the 55 calls and copies of the various e-mails where I set out all the problems I was incurring in using Dragon. However, Mr Nissen, informed me that they have their own way of doing things, so presumably I just have to await events.

Quite honestly, after having spent the morning doing my blog and e-mails and most of the afternoon with Paul. it was almost suppertime and I began to unwind. In fact, I watched a couple of episodes, of a fascinating drama, Lost that Paul had brought for me. It was on television. some years ago. He has a whole series and after watching the beginning. I can see how easy it will be to get hooked on it. The basic story is simple enough. A scheduled airline flight gets thrown 1000 miles of its course in a tremendous storm and crashes on a deserted island. The storyline then works its way through the various characters with flashbacks to their past and more and more fascinating things are disclosed about them.

Here is an amusing diversion foryou. What purports to be the 10 funniest golf commercials . Click here.

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