17 Novemer 2011

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I‘m glad to say that the nifedipine tablets had done their stuff on my feet. They are no longer a ghastly mottled purply colour but are now pink and look a lot healthier.

I was in contact with one of my readers who is caring for a husband who has recently been diagnosed with MND and it suddenly struck me that he might benefit from using the adapted walking frame with the big wheels, which I mentioned in my 12th of November entry. I managed to find out the telephone number of the depot where these frames and eventually ended up but unfortunately, as I feared, the adapted frame was no longer the ad presumably being scrapped. In any event, when I explained what I wanted it for the lady in charge said that she would not be able to return it to me without reference from my doctor or occupational and even then the same process would have to be gone through with the recipient. Frankly, it’s not worth the effort and will be much easier just to purchase wheels and adapt another frame.

As I was writing this entry I happened to refer to the previous one and noticed what I thought was a typo error. When I started to read it I realised that there were several errors in the same paragraph so went back to the beginning and to my horror realised that I must have interrupted had published it without having read it and as a result there were any number of minor errors which had crept in which made it read like a gobbledygook. I quickly corrected and republished it hoping that not too many people had a read it in the two hours that it had been published in its incomprehensible state. Just to add to my words the voice activation seems to have gone completely mad this morning. Not only has it frozen half a dozen times dictating this paragraph, causing me to log off and log on again, the cursor was jumping about backwards and forwards so that words get jumbled up. All sorts of pop up options appear, which I certainly hadn’t asked for. I do hope the trading standards people move reasonably quickly to get it sorted out for me. Having said that I must reiterate what I said before that this Dragon voice activation programme is by far the best, so far as I’m concerned. It is just a freak I have got some of incompatibility between my other programmes and Dragon that is causing me a great deal aggravation.

Apart from the very bad service from their technicians, over this particular problem, which again I must be honest and admit is unusual, I would still thoroughly recommend people to try it out for themselves.

The highlight of the day was lunch at the Cricketers was my good old, lawyer/poet friend, Dr James Barnett. In fact it was our 40th. such Christmas lunch that we had had together. For the past few years we have usually had them at the Groucho Club, in Dean Street London, although we did start off you the very first one in Chelsea and we returned there for the 25th. And even managed to get the same champagne and wines which we had drunk on our first Christmas lunch. In those days I could drink a reasonable amount without getting tipsy but now I find that I haven’t got the body mass to cope with very much so have to confine myself to a couple of glasses. In any event, it was a fun lunch mulling over old times and having our usual well tempered disagreements over political issues. James will be the first to admit that he is solidly left-wing, as far to the left as I am to the right, but we have always managed to discuss issues without giving too heated about it. It was very good of James to get car to drive him from Newbury and back, so as not to miss our lunch and he was very attentive to my needs whilst we were together, including wiping my nose, fairly regularly. Being a world-famous poet it would not surprise me if that kindness at did not spark off the beginnings of some sort of prose or poem. He has written of funny things and that in the past!

I have so many happy memories of these Christmas lunches that the only suitable diversion I can add today has to be something rather special. I noted I have video of beautiful pictures and cannot recall whether I have used it before but even if I have it is worthy of a second look. So click on link below and enjoy it

Be sure your speakers are on.


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