22 November 2011

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Being a Tuesday I had every intention of going to golf. I had been watching the weather very carefully and today’s forecast was 14° and overcast with light winds. Just about as good as I could get at this time of year. My carers got me all ready to go, my lovely packed my bag and shortly before I was due to leave it started to rain. Of course, that did not necessarily mean that it was raining at the golf club but after a phone call to the girls there they also confirmed that it was raining. So very disappointedly I rang Mrs Ollie (Debbie) and she said she was expecting a phone call cancelling the booking. I must say Ollie and his wife are the nicest couple they really are extremely generous in allowing me to cancel an hour or two before they are due to pick me up.

It was the good doctors 75th birthday yesterday (or maybe the day before!) We send him birthday greetings and lots and lots of love.

A report yesterday from Paul Mitchard QC who has stepped into the breach to take on my lectures. He seems to have gone down very well with the students which is just as well bearing in mind the colleague I took two or three years ago who the students did not take to. Apparently, this colleague rambled on a bit and failed to ‘stick to the script’, which the Chinese students are very serious about. Putting myself in their shoes I can understand this. If I was given a copy of the notes beforehand in Mandarin which I could just about understand I would expect the lecturer to follow these notes fairly closely which my good friend did not do. Also, he had a very slight northern accent which the students did not understand him very well and as a result I received an from the administration of the University suggesting that he would not be welcome again. Unfortunate terminology it merely meant that he had not gone down too well with the students who seemed to have quite a lot of influence. I softened the blow, of course, as best I could as I was very embarrassed having made it clear to him that if all went well and he was available then he could consider taking over from me in the long run. As it happened that would not have been the case as he died two years ago from a heart attack. Whenever I mentioned to the university authorities possibility of success they would brush it off and say that I would live forever. Maybe they knew something that I didn’t stop

Although the students numbered over 100 this year only eight of them have opted to sit the Membership Exam for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. I have volunteered to mark those papers but I have not yet worked out how I can mark the appropriate part of the answer and write the number of marks against those ticks. I shall probably have to have help from Jane’ my sheep’ or my secretary Doreen

A nice short entry today so here is a treat I suppose for the over 50’s. I mentioned Bob Hope to one of my carers and she admitted she never heard of him but believe me he was famous and one of the best comedians in his time.   He Was 52 at the time he made this and Cagney , who played the baddy in gangster films. was 56.

 Tu up the sound ,  click here and enjoy


James Cagney and Bob Hope at a Friar’s Club Meetingback when actors
were  real performers.At the time of this performance, Hope was 52 and Cagney was 56.

the younger readers  here
is something you probably have never seen before and,
unfortunately, you may never see again. For the more mature reader,
this is the  best of the best, and we had it for many years!
This is a side of these two entertainers you rarely ever saw but it
shows  their enormous talent.

Bob Hope, the best of the comedians, and Jimmy Cagney, mostly cast as
the  bad guy/gangster in movies.

To enjoy the
show, turn up sound and click on……..







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