23 November 2011

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Since I started this blog I have always made a hardcopy which I went out, ‘my lovely’ and for the children before publishing it to the world at large.

I had finished this entry early on the morning of the 24th. having written it the day before, then, instead of publishing it, as I usually do, as Dragon was performing well, I decided to carry on and put some thoughts down for 24 November entry. I then noticed that at the bottom of the page I was apparently on page 1. This was not possible as I know I had at least 15 pages prior to that in this current section of the blog. (Why only 15 pages, you might ask. well, it has been my practice to make my blog entries in sections of approximately 100 page and only a couple of days ago I started Blog Diary, Part 7. If I had not done so I could have lost 115 pages of the blog, most of which I could recover, from the published version but one entry at a time which would be very tedious as all of them would have required some formatting. What an horrendous thought, for once in my life I’ve had a bit of luck)

So, I had managed to wipe out those 15 pages or at least Dragon had misinterpreted something I said and deleted them. I went through all the usual ways of recovering lost documents but without success. Then I made a telephone call to Paul ‘the computer’ and he very kindly dropped in to see if he could help but it was even beyond him, so I had to start again on this entry and try to remember some of the things I covered.

Following the point that ‘my lovely’ made about the entries perhaps being a little too long for busy people who really wouldn’t have time to read them, I’m glad to say that having mentioned this I received several e-mails from readers confirming that as far as they were concerned the entries were not too long and I should just keep going as normal.

I think I then mentioned the 74-year-old woman who recently died in a care home and was found to have been severely neglected by the staff. She had horrendous bedsores and the records showed that she had not been moved for 9 days at one stage. Poor thing she must have suffered terribly as I know from my own experience of being unable to move. As she had dementia and Parkinson’s disease she was not mentally capable of making a fuss. but I must say I find such revelations horrifying. Fortunately these so called carers are a rare exception to the rule Most of those , that I have had dealings with. Have been wonderful.

It prompted me to think about my own situation as I sit immobile in the same chair from 8.00 in the morning until 9.30 at night, unable to shift my weight around. Paula, one of my carers, told me that once you have pressure sores you are confined to your bed, being turned every 2 hours, resting first on one side of your body and then the other – obviously not on the back – until these sores clear up, which can be several weeks. This would drive me crazy as it would mean I could no longer work on my laptop, read or watch television. About the only thing I could do would be to listen to music and audio boos which is great but not day after day.

This being the case I am now taking precautions against getting pressure sores on my bottom and getting my carers to hoist me up out of my chair at the midday call and again at 6.00 p.m, and then to massage my bottom and apply some Conotrane cream. I might be worrying unnecessarily and it’s better to be safe than sorry..

I think I then mentioned events happening on the international fronts. Specifically the riots in Egypt, where the revolution, six months ago had removed President Mugabe to be replaced by a military council. The people, who had bravely risked life and limb, had been promised a move to towards democracy and little or nothing seems to have changed over the last six months. In addition, in a smaller way, riots were still continuing in Syria and Libya, the Yemen and Bahrain which made me wonder whether the domino effect really was working its way through the Middle East’

I can’t remember what else I commented on but I do know that I finished with a little Irish joke. I accepted that it was probably politically incorrect but then the Irish have been the butt of our jokes for decades, and vica versa, and as most of them are such lovely people I think they would find this as amusing as I do. I certainly would not wish to give offence to anyone but click here to see the joke and have a little chuckle.


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