8 January 2012

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A quiet day at home after all the recent excitement. Of course, it’s Sod’s law that my Dragon was worse than ever,. immediately following the co-browser session with the technician when it had behaved itself reasonably well. (It’s what I call the ‘dentist syndrome’. We’ve all been there. Been kept. awake all night with a raging aching tooth. Booked an emergency session with your dentist you are in his chair and find it’s impossible for you to tell precisely him which tooth was troubling you) Today Dragon was totally ”beyond the pale’ and I very nearly gave up and thought I would skip a day on the blog . In the event I persevered and managed to get something down.

The problem with the present stop start method is that I am having to put up with, is that the lack of fluency in the entry itself. When I get an idea on something that I would like to develop into something thought-provoking for my readers ,the sense of continuity goes out of the window ith the frustration of having to log on and off every few minutes

Presumably we must be getting close the end of the road with these Dragon people now that the whole history of the case is being sent to the USA. They have a contractual duty to get it right. and as I made clear to them. I intend to pursue their current breach-of-contract. But must first radio. I must do everything I can to mitigate my. Loss ( damages). I consider I will have reached that point when I see the outcome of this latest co-browser session

I really must not bang on about this problem too much as I’m sure the reader is getting as tired of it as I am.

(Here is an example for you. I dictated these last two lines but when I looked up at the screen, they were nowhere to be seen. In fact they were between the 8 and December in the heading). My reason for being so persistent in pursuing this matter is very much the same as it was for pursuing the dentist over fraudulently charging me for work which he had not done. (Admittedly, the outcome was not very satisfactory. but that was mainly because I could not afford the risk of failing on a Judicial Review or a private court case and find myself landed with all the costs.).

I want to inspire everyone, who has a genuine gripe to follow through and not be intimidated by some pumped up arrogant person at the other end of the telephone. We are all equal under the law and everyone has a right to complain if they have bought something and it doesn’t work. I am really trying to make all my readers understand why I have continued this battle for seven months., Apart from the fact that there really is no alternative voice activation system for me after using this one for the past 20 yea

It is as much for what I call the’ little man’ (and I hate using an expression because it sounds so patronising). Those people who know me will know that I am not being patronising when I use that expression. It is for the man who has not got enough confidence to stand up for himself. The one thing I have, and just about the only thing now, is my voice. Add to this the snobbery attached to being a professor and it is often possible for me to get to the most senior person very quickly. That in itself makes me very cross as there is nothing at all special about being a professor. These days, just about everyone on television seems to be one.

But to return to my purpose in running this complaint for continuing to run this complaint for seven months. It is the same as a problem I had with the dentist, which I admit I did not ultimately resolve in my favour, but I certainly got the issue fully aired at the Dental Council, but could not simply afford to risk losing a Judicial Review or even a case in the Small Claims Court, which were the only two avenues open to me.

I shall await the outcome of this latest co-browser, said and then if we are no nearer resolving the problem may well resort to the courts. I already have a good barrister friend of mine who has agreed to run it for me. ‘Pro bono'(at no cost to me). In fact, I may well run the case myself from my electric wheelchair, with my friend, the barrister, sitting next to me in court. Every litigant in person, which is what I would be as no one is forced to be legally represented in the lower courts, is entitled to take a friend in with him to assist him within a matter. This person is called a’ McKenzie friend ‘after a case which there is no point in me going into/

Perhaps I need somebody like this Chuck fellow as my ‘McKenzie Friend’ to sort out my Dragon problem!. Click Here and see which you think,

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