16 January 2012

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After spending nearly 4 hours yesterday morning Trying to complete my blog entry with more stops and starts than I care to remember, and much of it using my splendid finger to tap out words letter by letter, I decided that my patience ihad really had come to an end and that I would put the whole matter in the hands of my lawyers. The point being that these are the only people who can resolve my problem. I have been with them since their very first version, 20 odd years ago,, and I’m not even sure that there is anything on the market today equivalent to this programme when it is working correctly. This being so, I have to sue for “specific performance” as well as “fraudulent misrepresentation” in not mentioning that the telephone call to them is at a premium rate whereas you are led to believe that the whole process is free, and a claim for “unfit for purpose” as quite clearly if they had not got anywhere after nearly 7 months the product they are selling i.e. this particular programme, is not doing the job for which it was purchased and therefore it is “unfit for purpose.

I have been extremely patient with them over these past several months but the straw that broke the camel’s back was the long e-mail I sent to them, following my last browser session with one of their technicians, came back “deleted and unread. Last time this happened. Ruben, the senior technician, assured me that this could, or should not happen. If they use these sort of tactics when every time they e-mail you they say’ unless we hear from you within 14 days we will assume your problem is resolved’ and then delete your e-mail in response,. I suppose this could always give them a let out.

In any event, the die is cast unless my lawyers persuade me that I do not have a strong case. In the meantime I have said to them that I assume they would wish to mitigate (minimise) their losses and therefore will continue to try to resolve this problem. Ironically, I received an e-mail from them this morning requesting a further copy of the Dragon long I have no idea how to get this so have asked for specific instructions or, alternatively, they will have to wait until Paul’ the computer’ comes at the end of the week…

In the meantime I am experimenting using only the (Dictation Mode),which, miracle of miracles, worked almost flawlessly writing this entry, albeit at snail’s pace. The main problem that started this whole process off it was that the programme did not understand my commands, so .maybe it is only the’ Command .Mode’ which is corrupted. We will see.

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