19 January 2012

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Alice had great difficulty this morning in turning off the respirator. Somehow water got into it from the humidifier. She called to the emergency helpline who produced a new one. within a couple of hours. I must say I’m very impressed with this service but then I suppose if you
literally rely upon a respirator to stay alive, they have to offer a genuine 24/7 service.

As I mentioned yesterday, my brother and sister-in-l aw came to lunch It was very kind of them as they made a special journey to London (they live near Shrewsbury) just to spend a little time with me. We kept it fairly short as Alice, politely but firmly requests that the visitors do not stay too long as I get tired and breathless. There was certainly no need to remind Anne and John of this and I must say I was very pleased to see them. John was kind enough to mention that his son Charlie is somehow associated with an arbitration and the party involved apparently was very complimentary about my book, Arbitration Practice and Procedure. He found it very easy to read and understand. This is the greatest compliment that could be paid to me as this is exactly what I set out to do.

Still no news this morning of these special eye drops needed to be administered prior to the cataract operation on Monday. If I don’t get them by this afternoon I can feel inclined to speak to the surgeon and ensure that I am not at risk by not having taken them.

Pau ‘the computer’ popped in this afternoon with some more episodes of the compulsive viewing of Lost for me. I am already on the third series and I must say this is one of the most fascinating drama series I have ever watched the television. I’m surprised that I knew nothing about it at the time when it was broadcast some three or four years ago. Dear Paul, he’s such a kind chap who has been immensely helpful to me. We discussed another way possible way round the Dragon problem which we will try tomorrow whether or not the Dragon people themselves, ultimately, come up with a solution. We will have at least tried a number of the more obvious ways of isolating the problem. Dragon’s approach to this whole thing has been an absolute disgrace but then, there seems to be little one can do about it in the face of fighting a multinational Corporation a multinational Corporation.

Reflecting on Paul’s kindness I could tell feeling how lucky I have been since I started this blog. First of all, came Richard Morris, the web designer who did an absolutely splendid job and supported me for a while whilst I learnt to put on the daily entry. Then when Richard life became rather complicated, I discovered that my next-door neighbour but one, Don Smith, was a computer geek and we spent hours together over the next few months looking at ways of putting on the media, before this job transferred him to Geneva.Then came Duncan, an ex-employee of the local Flying Doctor service ( computer engineers.) who again, like the others, proved to be extremely willing to help, softened occasionally by the odd bottle of wine or two. Then, when he fell by the wayside. I discovered that Jane ‘the sheep’s’ lodger Paul was also well into computers and over the last four or five months, particularly over these Dragon problems, he has been absolutely indispensable. I am a very lucky man.

Click here for a little joke which I’m sure my Jewish friends will not find offensive.

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