22 January 2012

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We had our first disturbed night around 12 o’clock. I found that I was having great difficulty breathing under the’ nose only’ respirator. Both nostrils were semi-blocked and I was having to force the air into my lungs. After 10 or 15 min. I slightly panicked and hit the alarm button for ‘ my lovely’. She came down , without complaint despite having only just got to sleep, at my request, me hauled into a me sitting b a position ,before removing the mask. I then spent the next 10 or 15 min trying to clear my nose which I managed to do to some extent, but not to point that I was happy to go down again wearing that nose only respirator – the point being that although your mouth is not covered up. It’s not possible to breathe through it with this respirator on.so we opted to fit the old one that covered both nose and mouth.

I then settled down again and although my nose was still semi-blocked was able to breathe through my mouth until the nose cleared and I fell asleep. I must say the whole experience was a little alarming, thank goodness we had the original respirator available. We speculated what might have caused such a build-up of mucus and the only thing we could think of was that it might have been because I had a couple of glasses of white wine with my daughter, whereas over the past three or four days I have had nothing to drink at all. I shall abstain again tonight and see if that makes any difference.

Chloe was a great help during the morning, printing and bringing up-to-date the hard copy of the blog before we had lunch together and she headed back back to her little family in East Dulwich. A happy visit.

Chloe had given me a wonderful lighter for Christmas, for my cigar, as everyone had trouble lighting it for me, particularly if there was a wind The one she chose was meant to be storm proof. She filled it today with butane and we were dismayed to see that the flame was extinguished on the slightest puff of wind. Ao rub our noses in it, in the instructions it clearly stated that the lighter was not be used for lighting pipes cigars or cigarettes. When Chloe had clearly spoken to the people and ordered a storm proof lighter that would do just that. So this is another Christmas present, sadly, that has to go back and be exchanged.

Started Part Eight of the blog today and was amazed to find that it covers 750 of pages so far. When I started Part Seven in November. I wondered then whether that would have been I can’t help wondering if that would be the last, as I limit each part to roughly 100 pages. It seems not. Of course, this begs the question who on earth is going to read this biography bearing in mind that the blog diary is only part of it. The rest of my life is covered by the balance. I suppose one day somebody will dust it off and sit down and read it but I certainly don’t anticipate any of the present generation doing this.

At the end of last week I received my friend Neville Tait’s Moderator’s report on the examination. Then I marked for my Chinese students. Fortunately, Neville found nothing in my examiners report of significance and the number of passes and fails remained at 50%.

Despite the candidates putting their name on the examination paper instead of just the number, Neville was kind enough to point out, as indeed I did in my own Examiner’s Report, that although this be an automatic failure in this country, as the Instructions to Candidates quite clearly says that no distinguishing Mark must be included on the examination paper other than the candidates number, as neither of us had met any of the candidates we could on this occasion overlook it.

Apropos of nothing in particular, who says crime does not pay? Click here and be convinced otherwise.

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