23 January 2012

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Last night was uneventful. I used my normal ‘nose only’ respirator without any repetition of the alarm on the night before. So hopefully that was just a one-off. I should know better when the good doctor arrives in a fortnight’s time and we continue our habit of cracking a bottle of champagne each evening. I must say it would be rather sad if alcohol does prove to be the reason for my blocked nose as I really enjoy the occasional glass. Readers of the Comments , at the end of the daily entries, over the past few days will notice that one MND patient who was being fed through her stomach had a glass or two of wine in the evenings, I think, just to be sociable, as I cannot think that there was no great pleasure attached to having it pumped in. Having said that, great credit to her. What a wonderful person do that just to make her guests feel comfortable.

Today I went off to Addenbrookes to have the cataract removed in my second. The appointment was scheduled for 12.30 and one is always asked to be ready for the ambulance 2 hours before, so just after 10.00 I found myself sitting in my wheelchair ready for the off. True to their usual form the ambulance crew arrived late in fact, at 12:45, 15 min after the operation was due to begin. (To be fair to the ambulance crew on this occasion there had been a multicar pileup on the M11, which had effected all of the traffic on the local roads).

When we eventually got there the surgeon, acknowledging that I had been delayed, was kind to see if he could fast track me but fast track in a hospital can still be pretty slow and in the event I did not go into the operating theatre until around 4.30. The odd thing is I was slightly more apprehensive about this second operation then the first, which is strange as having had the first operation only five or six weeks ago you would think that knowing it did not hurt. I would not have been worried. However, one of my concerns was breathing as I had to lie absolutely flat for 15 to 20 min and, in the event, this seemed like an eternity. The outcome. .however, was satisfactory and the surgeon was pleased with the result.

We now just have to go through a four week regime of .eye drops and antibiotics when I then go back to both eyes checked over. The surgeon was pretty horrified when he learned that I had not been called back four weeks after the last one and instructed me quite firmly not to leave the place until we had an appointment fixed four weeks hence. After hanging around in the draughty entrance at the transport desk. I eventually got home at 5 minutes to 6 .00 just-in-time for Paula,, my night carer on this occasion, to do her usual six o’clock stint. I must’ve looked a bit grumpy as Paula confided in Alice told me it that she thought I looked stressed out. As soon as the four-week inspection has taken place, which hopefully I will pass with flying colours. I can then buy myself a decent pair on reading glasses which will certainly be an improvement at the squinting. as I had been doing to read the laptop or even watch television.

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