3 February 2012

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Here we go again with the Dragon people. They now have the audacity to write, two days ago that “Of course. we are glad to hear that Dragon seems to be working better for you at the moment. Please let us know when you have any other issues with Dragon

Heaven knows where they got this information from unless they happen to be reading my blog on one of the days when Dragons seemed to be behaving itself.. There are multiple problems still with Dragon but the tone of their e-mail implies that they have resolved all of the issues. The only thing they have suggested in seven months that we have been trying to sort it out, was recently to create a new user profile, which, following their instructions proved impossible, but when I explained why, they never came back with any alternatives.

My response, do their e-mail, was as follows:

‘I am replying to your e-mail dated. Wednesday, 1 March

I have to say that your programme is no better now than it was seven months ago when we first complained. It is only through an immense amount of patience and work on our part by stripping the laptop, right down to its bare essentials and then reloading all the programmes that I believe we have got it to work at all.

Your service or lack of it, is an absolute disgrace. As I have repeated time and time again. the only way to resolve this is for you to send a technician here to see for himself what are the problems. Your answer to this is that this not the way you do things. How many other customers have you had that have fought like I have s over seven months to resolve your problems?. The key problems are pretty much as fully detailed in my earlier e-mails but to summarise.

Dragon still does not respond to all commands. For example trying to correct ‘wear‘ as the obvious context shows it. It should have been ‘where’ and yet this option does not appear in the correction box.

The correction box is hopeless. It constantly fails to respond both to Windows and to Outlook.

The ‘ Nats Speak Add-In’ frequently comes up in a pop-up box and has to be disabled

Frankly, I am at my wits end to know where to go from here. The Trading Standards people although they agree with me, have no teeth to enforce Dragon to do anything. So far as suing a large corporation in court., I know from my 30 odd years in the business of dispute resolution that that would be madness. I have always advise anyone considering such a step to think again. Usually, the end of the day, the lawyers are the only winners. So although I would like nothing more than to fight my corner in court. I really have not got the resources or the strength to do so and must take note of the good doctors advise that this business is having a serious effect on my health. I shall consider my options over the weekend as it has become quite clear that your organisation is unwilling or incapable of resolving what must be a relatively straightforward matter. What I think is even more disgraceful izzard you have taken no cognizance of the fact that I am severely disabled and that all of this takes a great deal out of me.

Turning to more homely matters, the water tank in our heating system is developed a problem. This at the very worst time of year when we really need are heating. According to the weather people. this is one of the driest and coldest periods for 90 years. Apparently we have had less rainfall , in the last 12 months, in East Anglia, then they have had in Jerusalem

Alice holding our breath for the weather next week in view of her mother’s Memorial Service on Thursday.. It is touch and go as to whether we get the milder weather from the West or a deep freeze and snow currently over Europe, as we are right on the cusp of where these two weather fronts meet.

The snow and icy roads could mean that half the congregation, coming from all parts of the country, could not make it, so Alice and her sister Victoria will have to make a decision as to whether to continue or cancel it, no later than, say, Tuesday next

. Just to show my readers that I’ve not lost my sense of humour. Overall, this catalogue of misery I include a very short video, which I must confess, is a little cheeky, if you will forgive the pun. I just hope it does not shock to many people or be construed as sexist. Click here and you’ll see what I mean.

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