5 February 2012

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One of my regular sources of media material which I include on my blog, is Bob Foraker, who lives in America. I’m extremely grateful to Bob, as he teased me supplied with some wonderful material which I’m then able to share with my readers. However, today he sent me an Alzheimer’s test which presumably if you fail then you are either are already suffering from it likely to suffer from this form of dementia in the near future.. I did not bother to take the quiz on principle.

I think it’s a great pity, in many cases there an elderly parents has to be told that they are suffering from the early onset of Alzheimer’s. Somebody in their 90s, for example, is far more likely to die of something else before they become a complete nuisance to their loved ones. Admittedly, everyone has a right to know but I think we should all take one step back and think very carefully before we inform our loved one that they are suffering from some form of dementia, which, in many cases, will cause a great deal of anxiety. Whereas to laugh off the odd lapse of short-term memory, citing the problem we all have of getting to the top of the stairs and forgetting why we went up, might be more kindly.

To switch to a topic which has caused me a great deal of anxiety, I can.scarcely believe it but my very long, detailed e-mail to Dragon disenchanting them of their conclusion that they had resolved all of my problems with them, has again, been deleted, unread! What a convenient way of them claiming not to be notified and therefore not taking any action on a complaint. So here I go again, another telephone call to the senior technician, Ruben on Monday morning.

With the opening of the Six Nations Rugby yesterday England were drawn against Scotland, so traditionally, apart from the championship. they were playing for the Calcutta Cup. (It is a very handsome, 12 inches high silver cylindrical, cup stop listening to start a with a decorative lid capped with a little elephant. I was surprised to learn that it had been made entirely from silver rupees, heaven knows how many hundred and to be melted down to get the amount of silver needed to make it).

England were pretty scrappy in the first half and went in at the interval 6-3 down. by virtue of a lucky kick from the Scots, which is very charged down. They then went on to score a try early in the second half. England eventually won 17-6 but it was not an impressive performance. On the other side of the world. England were battling out the last of the cricket matches against Pakistan and, as at the time of writing, were heading for a Pakistan whitewash. I hope they sharpen up their game before they come back to England for the cricket season. here, as I am determined to make two or three of them if I possibly can .

As forecast heavy snow fell overnight and we woke up at fairyland of sparkling white. Great fun for those sitting in the warmth looking through the windows but not so for the poor girls who had to drive from house-to-house to minister to their patients, many of whom were living alone. I must admit, Alice and I were very impressed when I our early morning carers, Carla and Emma arrived pretty much to time they had been parked their cars at their office around the corner and then walked the last hundred yards or so.

Harriet, the boss of Ross Nursing, rang while they were here and said she would pick them up in her much maligned 4×4 and drive them to their patients, who live in. some of their more difficult locations. Where it is unlikely that the roads would have been gritted. At the end of our morning session. Harriet roared in, muffled up to the nines with kisses all-rounder roared out again. She’s like a mother hen with our girls-they are very lucky to have such a caring boss. Now we must hope and pray that this snow disappears before Alice’s journey to Wales for her mother’s memorial service next Wednesday

Speaking of my dear mother-in-law, Click here for today’s joke . Perhaps a little irreverent, but my mother-in-law had a good sense of humour.

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