10 February 2012

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Alice’s first night away and the good Dr Michael had to take over the ‘turning over’ tasks during the night. He did very well, particularly as I managed to knock the emergency button. a couple of times and had him scurrying back to all the deep minutes after he’d settle down again, so I suspect he did not have a very good night himself. He had reduced even further the additional cortisone and although I was still relatively pain-free, although not quite as good as the night before.

On the whole we managed yesterday pretty well. Michael has observed and remembered most of the little things that’ my lovely’ does to make sure things run smoothly for me. I thought he did very well, although there’s nothing quite like the real thing!

Paula, one of my carers, told us about the scandalous goings-on at the village hall. Bear in mind that this is quiet English village in which anything rarely seems to happen outside closed doors However, on this occasion, a couple of nights ago, the PTA (Parents Teacher Association) for the Local Primary School organised a’ do’, in the village hall. Unbeknownst to most people, other than those involved, it turned out to be a bit of a rave. An evening of strippers and transvestites, certainly not the sort of thing we are used to in this model English village. I have no doubt there will be there will be an emergency meeting of the parish council, to conduct a post-mortem on that event and to ensure it does not happen again.

Tragically, it seems, from what I have been told that there was an accident caused by one of the attendees driving home in her 4×4, crashing into another car and the occupant of which has ended up in hospital.

I heard from’ my lovely’ she and the family have arrived safely and were shortly off to the church to check the final arrangements. So far so good. I just hope the threat of snow in the Midlands does not put too many people off attending the memorial service.

Re the strippers I suppose it is a suitable entry to include another bit of male chauvinism. Click here to  see Husband the Year

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