16. February 2012

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I am mystified. Believing that my Webmaster, Richard Morris, had cleverly recovered my blog that had been hacked, when I went into it today. I was only able to see the first few lines of each entry. I checked) yesterday entry with the same result. But then when I logged in again . the whole of the entry was there. So I really did not know what’s going on. I e-mailed Richard , who explained it as follows:

If you look at the Diary tab, all the entries are there in full but if instead you look at the individual archive entries for, say, January 2008 it only shows the first few lines of each entry. Clicking on the title of the individual entries pulls up the full diary entry.

That explains it. The recovered blog is on a slightly different templates to the original onr.

I have been so alarmed at the thought of my four years were being lost forever that I had not really been taking note of what has been going on elsewhere. I know the situation in Greece is still on a knife edge and that the same credit agency, Moody’s have prophesied that the UK has a 30% chance of losing its triple-A rating within the next 18 months. Having said that, there are other more encouraging signs of the stirring of a recovery.

I had e-mails today from various members of the committee of the Arbitration Club. They are coming down in April and May, over two weeks, to give me lunch at the Cricketers. The reason for the two visits is that they realise I cannot really cope with a big crowd so they have limited it to 3 or four at a time. It’s very good of them to take the time off because I know how busy they all are. I just hope that I will still be up to socialising in May.

Talking of socialising., two of the ‘old faithfulls’, Cecilia and Douglas Gordon were scheduled to come around for a drink late this afternoon, however, Cecilia rang up to say that Douglas was stuck on a train somewhere so we took a rain check. It would have been good to see them and catch up with their news. In some ways we were relieved as I tend to get more fatigued as the day goes on,

Most of my friends are very considerate and do not stay beyond the hour as this is just about as much as I can do with on a one-to-one basis without getting severely exhausted and breathless. Alice has decided that from now on we will invite anyone who is kind enough to want to see me to come and have mid-morning coffee.

Today’s diversion is entitled Why Women Wear White Wedding Dresses. Click here for a piece of pure male chauvinism for which I apologise. I certainly do not subscribe to this but nevertheless it does evoke a chuckle

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