17. February 2012

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Not a brilliant night. I had a painful hip and shoulder both of which were relieved only when’ my ‘lovely’ came down to turn me over. I have stopped the cortisone tablets, given to me by the good Dr Michael, which may have something to do with it. In any case, I’m going to the pain clinic at Addenbrookes next week and so hopefully will be able to sort out some satisfactory solution, then .

I received a note this morning from the secretary of The Arbitration Club, Martin Potter, warning that he had a bug in his computer, which he may have passed on to others. Perhaps this was the origin of my worm.

Paul came round of the lunch and set up my music for me. He got a cable from Hong Kong, which he was able to plug into the Bose speakers and the Buddy goose necked microphone. True, this means inserting some special macro commands which I shall have add to my voice activation programme, Dragon, then I should be able to play any one of my 5000 odd tracks of music, by voice, from my laptop. I have really have missed listening to my classical music over the past few months but I simply cannot point the remote control at, the iPod and do not have enough strength in my fingers to press the buttons, so this new setup will be a real godsend.

The self-confessed terrorist Abu Qatada, has been released from prison but has a 22 curfew each day at home, whilst our Foreign Office are having frantic discussions with the Jordanians to see if they can extract a guarantee that none of the information gained from this man by torture can be used in any subsequent trial in Jordan.. If they are unable to agree something which satisfies our authorities, heaven knows what we are going to do with him.

The row about the strip show, organised by our local primary school PTA in the village hall, has now reached the national press – the Sun and the Daily Telegraph. I suppose someone local saw the main chance of making a few bob, but fortunately it was only on page 29 of the Sun so I don’t suppose it will create much of a stir nationally. . However, locally, this business is far from settling down and I’m sure some heads will roll before long. Even though the event raised around £1500 for school activities or equipment, it was totally unacceptable and certainly must not be repeated. I am certainly not a prude and if people want to get their fun out of such show, that’s fine by me. but put it on at a more suitable venue, not a hall in a quiet English village.

The fact that there is a young girl in hospital, having been allegedly run into by one of the attendees of this show, who, it is said, was the worse for wear from drinking and who abandoned her 4×4 and ran home leaving the scene of the accident, really has little to do with the principle of what is, or is not, a satisfactory show in our village hall and should not be allowed to obfuscate the issue, dreadful though this outcome was.

I have not heard recently what condition is this poor girl but hopefully she will make a full recovery in the fullness of time. If the gossip about the person who ran into her turns out to be true, then I hope that person is incarcerated for, however brief a period to teach her a lesson.

I don’t want to appear to be too flippant after such a serious accident but to lighten the mood a little, click here to see the importance of giving clear instructions

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