27 February 2012

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A very satisfactory night with minimal pain despite the pain consultant saying that I could suffer more severe pain in my shoulder for the next month after which it should get better for a year or so. So far all I’ve done is to cut out the paracetamol and double the dose of the amitriptyline to 20 m.g. With no adverse side effects

Readers may remember me mentioning my £40 Gift Book Token which I had with Amazon’ (see 20th of February entry). It was my dear daughter Chloe pointed out that this had expired in early December 2011. She kindly undertook to contact Amazon and see if there was any way they would extend the date I’m feeding my disablement. I’m happy to report that I received an e-mail from play this morning confirming that Amazon had agreed to a six-month extension. Symons go on book buying spree in the near future.

Having spent two hours yesterday afternoon with Paul trawling through the web for laptops which would suit my requirements, we came up with three alternatives. It was then necessary to contact the MND Association, who only laptop I have at present and ask them whether they would prefer a loan or a grant. I assume they will prefer alone as this would mean that where I depart this world. The laptop would go back to them to be used and appreciated by another patient. My assumption was correct and having spoken to the powers that be at me MND Association they promised to come back to me later this morning. True to their word 10.15. I heard from the young man had spoken to earlier asking me if a grant of £600 would be sufficient. Of course, I was delighted to accept and if I had to spend a little more of my own money (or indeed my love is money and she offered to buy me a new computer for Christmas) then so be it. As a gadget man I am irrationally excited at the idea of something new, particularly the 17″ HD (High-Definition) screen. Now it is down to Paul to assist me in making the right selection.

I heard from two of my readers yesterday that they were getting a Malaware virus warning when they try to access my site through Google. It seems to be a problem with Google storing the old website in link form. . I have asked my Webmaster, Richard Morris ,to kindly look at this ASAP. For the meantime if you go to my site by typing in the address
rather than using Google you should not have any problem.



Who wouldn’t want to have  car like this? Raise your hand 

She gives hope to us seniors…..

101 year old driving an 81 year old car! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE. This is priceless. Notice at the very end when she steps on a little red towel to get into the car so she won’t dirty the running board, then picks it up and puts it in the car so she can use it when she gets out! Precious lady!!!! An amazing lady, 101 years old, driving an 81 year old car who changes the oil and spark plugs herself! This is a hoot! Click on link below:

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