1 March 2012

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Dragon are up to their old tricks again and yesterday I received the following e-mail.

We have not heard from you concerning your request for support in the 14 days since we sent you a response. Consequently, we have changed the status of your question to Auto-Closed. If you still require any further assistance on your ticket, please click the following link to update your ticket and re-open it for further troubleshooting.

This is scandalous as, in response to their e-mail dated Wed 22 Feb. I telephoned them the same day, so even as I write 14 days as not elapsed since I last spoke to them. Following that I sent them my reply on? and we have heard nothing since, until this present e-mail which is tantamount to closing the case when they have made no attempt to resolve the problems. I am naturally hoping that starting with a new computer, in the next day or two, downloading all of the programs individually, we will identify if there is some incompatibility somewhere or alternatively, the programme will work faultlessly as it will not have been corrupted by any of the other programmes. If that does not prove to be the case then my battle with Dragon will have to continue.

Yesterday, I wrote about the iniquity of Scotland treating the UK as a foreign country, when it comes to paying university fees, as compared with any of the other EU countries which enjoy the same status as the Scots themselves and qualify for free tuition, whereas anyone south of the border has to pay the full fee. The other international issue, which is causing a certain amount of consolation is the state of Spain’s economy. Having bailed out Greece, for the time being, the latest potential casualty seems to be Spain. From what the financial press are saying it is on the brink of disaster and is in the same position as was Greece when it was likely not to be able to pay the interest on their debts. I’ve heard no more than the initial concern. A few days ago but no doubt will in the near future. The trouble with these financial disasters is that they intend to drag us down as a result some of the economists who follow our financial position are already talking about a possible double dip.

My lovely new laptop arrived this afternoon but I can do no more than plug it into the mains as there may be some preliminary things I need to do before operating Windows 7. The problem is, as I am unable to turn over the pages of the little booklet the covers are setting up I shall not take a chance and leave this until Paul comes tomorrow.

As this entry is dangerously close to showing signs of xenophobia. I think the following joke about the French, is appropriate. Click here to see if you agree with me.

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